10 Unexpected Benefits of Dating a Capricorn

Crystal Jackson


Capricorns can be persnickety creatures. I can say this, of course, because I am one. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend saying it if you’re not. Because, again, persnickety.

But we can also be altogether delightful.

While dating a Capricorn can certainly have its challenges, there are a whole lot of reasons you’ll want to partner a goat.

Um, I don’t mean an actual goat because eew! I meant a Capricorn, whose symbol is a goat. Well, actually it’s a sea-goat. Half mountain goat with a fishtail, but I digress.

Let’s talk about 10 benefits of partnering clever Capricorn:

Capricorns make strong partners.

If you want a partner who is headstrong and independent, look no further than a Capricorn. Caps tend to be self-reliant, ambitious, and determined. We pull our own weight, and we will probably expect you to do the same. We honestly don’t have time for anything else. We know what we want, and we go for it.

Caps are natural leaders and won’t be sitting around waiting for you to make all the decisions for them. Don’t know where you want to eat? Cap is certain to have an opinion! No need to go back and forth arguing about it until someone gets hangry and says something regrettable.

Capricorns are crazy loyal.

I’m not going to say no Capricorn in the history of ever has cheated, but Caps are generally loyal. We have a tendency to stick by our partners, honoring the relationship with our honesty and fidelity. If your Cap partner is shady, they’re Capricorn-ing wrong because it’s just not in our nature to betray trust.

We’re crazy loyal until you betray our trust. Then we’re just crazy. Don’t ever say no one warned you.

Capricorns are super reliable.

You never have to worry about a Cap showing up late for dinner. More likely, we’ll be annoyingly early, having planned for all contingencies like traffic, weather, or nuclear war. Sure, it can sometimes be reliably annoying, but you know you can count on us.

If we say we’re going to do something, we definitely will do it. If we say we love you, we definitely mean it. It’s not ambiguous with us.

Capricorns are insanely determined.

It’s true. We’re like a dog with a bone, only worse. While this can sometimes make us a total pain in your ass, most of the time, it’s a huge help to a relationship for those who are on the higher vibrational end of things. We will fight for our relationships whether that means addressing problems head-on to talk them out or rolling up our sleeves in couples’ counseling.

We will stick with a relationship to try to make it work — until we know that it (a) can’t be saved or (b) is no longer worth saving. If it comes to that point, we will probably cut you off quickly. But as long as you’re in and there’s love, we’re all in, too.

Capricorns hold some serious grudges.

Why is this a benefit, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. If you have an enemy, they’re now ours, too. We’ll get mad on your behalf. We will stand firmly in your corner and support whatever it is you need.

Want to vent? Go right ahead! Want to rant? We are here for it! Want to cry it out? We’ll cry with you. We’re super passionate about all things YOU, and while holding a grudge isn’t pretty, you’ll see that we’re 100% on your side.

But if you’re wrong, we’re probably going to tell you. We’ll still support you, but our practical nature will kick in. We will tell you that you’re wrong and why, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have your back. We do. We support you enough to tell you the truth so you can grow. If your feelings get hurt about it, so be it.

Capricorns are passionate.

Yes, this part is annoying when we’re arguing with you, but think about it. Caps are mad passionate. Sure, we’re opinionated, and we rarely admit we’re wrong. But that passion also applies to more amorous activities.

Yes, Caps are passionate in all the annoying ways, but we’re passionate in all the good ways, too. Jot that down.

Capricorns work incredibly hard.

We’ve got goals on goals, so we tend to be super hard workers. Whether we’re bringing the heat to a work project or a home one, we’re all about being organized and putting in the elbow grease to get things done. Sure, we’re great leaders, but we like the hands-on contribution more than delegating.

Mostly because we’re control freaks and perfectionists. But it’s also because we’re just good at hard work. So, we’re great to have around for getting things done, but we’ll apply that same work ethic to our relationships.

Capricorns are great under pressure.

When tough times come around, a Cap is a great person to have on your side. We just don’t tend to break under pressure. That tenacity really comes in handy because we may want to quit — but we don’t. We’ll keep showing up, even when things are tough. In high-pressured situations, we keep a good head on our shoulders and use our quick-thinking to come up with solutions.

Don’t expect a Cap to run at the first sign of a challenge. In fact, we often see challenges as opportunities.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily apply to emotional challenges. We tend to be a little guarded, so if you’ve got us in a relationship, we’ve opened up enough to trust you — at least a little bit. Don’t screw it up because if you do, we could shut down quickly. We might not run away, but it might be more difficult to get us to open back up again.

Pro-tip for you: just don’t screw it up in the first place.

Capricorns are amazing planners.

Seriously, it’s true. We definitely have a 5 and 10-year plan, but we’re all-around goal-oriented. And maybe a little frugal to boot. So, we’ll plan out an amazing vacation, but we’ll likely manage it on an unbelievable budget. We’ve got lists for our lists, and we’re super-organized.

We’re good at planning date nights, and while we’re not often credited for being romantic or creative, the truth is that our innate thoughtfulness and consideration make us pretty damn good at romance when we put our minds to it. It just requires a little — drum roll please — planning.

(We love planning!)

Capricorns are super ambitious.

Why is this a relationship benefit you ask? Like attracts like, right? Cap’s goal-oriented persona works great with similarly driven people.

While some Caps go after money and status, most Caps have some sort of goal in mind. If you’re after chasing a dream, it’s good to have an equally driven Cap by your side who will understand that passion and support you. Caps work hard, but that’s because they have a clear idea of where they’re going.

If you happen to be so fortunate to partner a Cap, make sure your goals align. If they do, be confident you’ll get there in the end. If they don’t, watch out — because Caps might just drag you along for the ride and make you think it was your idea in the first place. We don’t mean you any harm, but we just don’t know how to quit, and if you’re with us, we assume you’re along for the ride. Buckle up, buttercup!

Yes, Capricorns have their quirks.

I know it, and you know it. We’re stubborn to a fault, super practical, hold major grudges, and can sometimes be all too serious.

It’s not all bad.

We also have a sneaky sense of humor, a wonderful sense of love and loyalty, and a passionate nature that could make you thank your lucky stars you chose to partner a Cap.

I think it balances out in the end — but you be the judge of that.

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