7 Reasons Lizzo is a National Treasure

Crystal Jackson


If you haven’t yet heard of Lizzo (born Melissa Jefferson), I’m feeling two parts sorry for you and one part excited for you to experience her music for the first time. A rapper, singer, and actress, Lizzo shows us that we really can have (and do) it all.

I maintain that Lizzo is a national treasure, and here are 7 reasons why.

She’s a strong advocate for body positivity.

Lizzo may not have met the mainstream standard for fashion when she came on the scene, but that hasn’t got in her way. She’s participated in body-positive campaigns and sported new plus-size fashion like a boss. In fact, she’s a strong proponent of body positivity and inclusiveness. All of her backup dancers are plus-size, and her advocacy for inclusivity with body image is represented in her music, concerts, and videos.

She promotes self-love.

Listen to the lyrics of any Lizzo song, and you can hear the powerful message that loving ourselves is the key to our happiness. She encourages women to brush off men who don’t value and respect them in “Truth Hurts” and points out that she’s a whole meal and not a snack in “Juice”. In “Good as Hell”, she reminds women that their worth isn’t dependent on relationship status. Every song is practically an anthem to self-love and female empowerment.

She delivers powerful messages on diversity.

Her work explores women’s empowerment, race, sexuality, and body image. She’s not just shattering glass ceilings. She’s breaking down the door with her message of inclusivity. Her lyrics and lifestyle are testaments to an artist with something to say practicing what she preaches. She explores her own life experience and teaches us that we don’t have to be limited in our lives by other people’s hate.

She is a multi-talented wonder.

In addition to co-writing songs, Lizzo sings, raps, acts and plays the flute. Is there anything she can’t do?? In fact, you can even follow her flute on Instagram @sashabefluting If we ever doubted that we were capable of doing everything we love, Lizzo shows us that it’s possible. We don’t have to limit ourselves. She sure doesn’t.

She’s every woman’s best friend (we wish!).

No lie: I now want Lizzo to be my BFF. I mean, we don’t have to make friendship bracelets or anything (but we could), but her work is like having a musical best friend who will hit you with the truth because she loves you so much. She’s not going to tell you that the jerk you're dating is great; instead, she’ll tell you to stop putting up with him because you deserve better. When you’re feeling bad about yourself, she will remind you that you’re already amazing and that anyone who thinks differently is wrong. Lizzo is sure to make every woman’s squad goals — even Lilith Fair’s Sarah McLachlan.

Her work is pure joy.

I maintain that it’s impossible to listen to a Lizzo song without feeling a burst of joy and a growing sense of empowerment. From “Truth Hurts” to “Juice”, her third studio album “Cuz I Love You” is a power punch of self-love and joy. While her third album has seen commercial success, she has two more that we can turn to when we just need more Lizzo.

She’s the antidote to the current news cycle.

If the news and the daily dose of politics bring you down, you’re not alone. In a world with news that can seem increasingly grim, Lizzo provides the antidote. Fresh, bold, and delightfully outrageous, she reminds us that life is still beautiful. She pairs incredible talent with an inspiring vision of a world where we love ourselves and treat each other better.

But don’t listen to me. Drop everything and give her a listen. You’ll be glad you did.

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