How You Vote Based on Your Sun Sign

Crystal Jackson

Election year: that magical time where Facebook friends become frenemies and the block button gets pushed so much it nearly stops working. Ah, that community feeling. Sure, it sometimes feels more like a bar brawl than a neighborhood picnic, but we manage to survive every term and midterm election nonetheless. Just for a bonus this year, the state of Georgia threw in a special election to give us another chance to show up at the polls.

While we won’t debate the merits of the candidates, we can do a little friendly sun sign spotting when it comes to election season. Can you detect the appropriate Zodiac sign based only on their behavior during an election year?


You can find Aries easily enough. They’re fond of starting “debates” on social media that feel like full-blown arguments. They’re always right, and they likely won’t be willing to hear your side before responding with a counterargument. They will deploy the block, unfriend, or unfollow buttons if you cross them — and they won’t care if you do the same.


Taurus is the equal opportunity hater of all candidates, quick to point out how they could all do better. They’ll register to vote, get it done early, and make snarky comments the whole time. You can be sure that they’re judging you no matter your election year style.


Easily identify a Gemini by finding the one who is always playing the devil’s advocate in a political argument. They’ll also be unbearable to be around if they accurately predict the election results. They like to be right even more than they like to win--if you can believe that.


You can find Cancers happily hiding away with wine until the election is over. They will most certainly absentee vote even if they live right beside the polls. You can be sure they’ll be checking on their political friends on either side of the aisle to make sure they’re okay. If you do manage to see them in line at an actual polling place, expect them to have purse snacks, bottled water, and — this year — an appropriate mask, worn correctly.


If you want to find a Leo, look no further than the candidates up for election or re-election. Leos might be the most likely to run for office, but non-politician Leos are equally the most likely to hang up an obnoxiously huge banner proclaiming their party loyalties, but they’ll be so charming that you’ll manage to stay friends with them even if you don’t like their politics.


If you want to find a Virgo, check out the voting volunteers. They’ll likely sign up for election day duty, will write postcards in a voting drive, and they’ll definitely be judging those who shirk their civic responsibilities. They've chosen their candidate after careful thought and independent research, and don't even try to engage them in an argument unless you want to be hit with all the data as well as reference material.


Libra can readily be identified by their “can’t we all just get along?” posts and memes on social media. They’ll be the first to try to find common ground between the parties, and if they haven’t been clear on exactly how they’re voting, they may not know yet. They want to make the right decision, but they’re still weighing all the facts up until the minute they have to make a choice.


If you want to find a Scorpio, check out the individual fact-checking the debates. They’ll also be pretty low-key about their beliefs until you openly dismiss facts. Then, they’ll likely cut you down to size and block you without a second thought. Fiery and passionate, they’re fine with you believing differently but not okay with you invalidating their beliefs.


Behind every snarky political meme is a Sagittarius cracking themselves up with the post. They’ll be most likely to vote by mail no matter where they are because they don’t do lines. Plus, they’re always on the go, so they’d rather vote early and get it out of the way.


Capricorns can be identified easily enough. They’ll be the ones organizing a Get Out the Vote campaign, showing up at Town Hall meetings to ask the tough questions, and fact-checking the fact-checkers. They’ll likely have an extensive and well-researched list of each candidate’s pros and cons, which they'll be happy to share with you if you seem remotely interested.


Behind every conspiracy theory post, there might be an Aquarius. While this is legit, Aquarians are also the most likely to attend a protest to advocate for their beliefs. They’re fierce in fighting for what they believe in, and while they’ll likely show up at the polls to have their say, you can expect them to be fundraising, spreading awareness, and generally living by their values, too.


Voted most likely to forget all about election day, Pisces might want to mail in their ballot with plenty of time to spare. Pisces will certainly be a values voter, choosing a candidate that most closely aligns with their own sense of what’s right. If they abstain from voting, it’ll likely be because their ideal candidate didn’t make the cut, and they just didn’t feel like choosing a contingency.

Civic duty might not be the most fun we’ve ever had, but I’m sure the full Zodiac will crawl out of the woodwork this year to cast their vote and have their say. Voting stickers will abound, and we’ll likely see more of those on social media than lunch pictures and puckered selfies.

So, here’s to voting, to democracy, and to being rewarded with a little sticker because we deserve it.

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