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Brother, Can You Spare a Twenty to Help Your Neighbor?

Crystal H. Carlic
Anne Eller - WCRS Radio - The Voice of GreenwoodAnne Eller

In every community across America, there are people out doing good. There is an opportunity for you to good and give back to our community in Greenwood, South Carolina! With WCRS Radio 98.5 FM/1450 AM, Anne Eller, "The Voice of Greenwood," is partnered up with the Salvation Army of Greenwood to raise awareness and funding for the Salvation Army to get through the summer months.

Currently, Anne is working with Major Jason Hughes of Salvation Army Greenwood to raise funds to assist the Salvation Army through the "Summer Slump," as Major Hughes calls it. This Saturday, June 11th, 2022, Anne is hosting the Virtually Fantastic Radiothon live with WCRS Radio from 10 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. WCRS will be playing Old Times Gospel and Country Music and talking with Major Jason Hughes and others involved with the Salvation Army Greenwood or those who have experienced firsthand the Salvation Army's assistance in times of need and crisis. Anne will accept donations live over the air and shout out to those who donate.
Major Jason Hughes - Salvation Army GreenwoodAnne Eller

In a recent radio interview with Jason, he stated, "last year, your Salvation Army out of Greenwood, South Carolina, served over twelve thousand individuals." He said, "that number sounds like a lot, but the reality is more people need help during this time because children are out of school." Jason goes further to explain, "there are more requests for food. There are more requests for electric bills because the bills are going up. If you've been to the gas station and the grocery store, you see where that need is coming from. Persons who had a struggle with trying to make ends meet before are struggling now, and they need additional help." Jason added, "this is where the Salvation Army needs your help. The Salvation Army needs your help to get out of this "Summer Slump."

Anne says very plainly, "the Salvation Army needs our help. The people receiving assistance from the Salvation Army are in dire need currently. They are senior citizens and people on fixed incomes or making only minimum wage. These people can only afford to put five dollars of gas in their vehicles at a time. They are working hard to get by from one day to the next."

Anne wants to make sure that our community knows that all funding raised goes directly to the Salvation Army right here in Greenwood. She said, "you can rest assured that the Salvation Army goes through the proper channels to get those in need of assistance. The funds get paid to the landlords for rent. The money does not go directly into the hands of the people because it goes right to the utility companies to pay bills or supply people with food to feed their families."

There are four ways to make your donation to help our community. Call in during the Radiothon from 10-12:30 this Saturday using the number 864-229-3407. Stop by WCRS Radio and give your gift in person at 637 E. Durst Avenue, Greenwood, during the Radiothon. Go online at, or you can mail in a check directly to the Salvation Army, P.O. Box 1453, Greenwood, SC 29648. This Saturday, you are invited to listen online at or tune into 98.5 FM/1450 AM!

Please consider this much-needed and worthy cause that will directly and immediately impact the people of Greenwood, South Carolina. There is no donation too small. Everything helps. Anne says, "remember the phrase; brother, can you spare a dime? Consider inflation. What is that today? I ask, can you spare a $____? Help your neighbor through the Salvation Army? Donate if you can! Thank you, Thank you very much!"

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