Travel with Confidence: Staying Safe as a Solo Female Globetrotter

Crystal A. Walker

Get out in the world and explore it with a peace-of-mind.
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When it comes to a list of my priorities, Travel is in my Top 3. I have been to more than 9 countries (so far) and have been all over the U.S. I have genuinely been bit by the wanderlust bug.

Rain or shine, solo or with a group, I don’t care. I’m going to explore the world while I can and when I can…or afford to.

There are some challenges that I have faced as a female traveler. However, I take steps to make sure I am safe to enjoy my adventures one after another.

Give Your Itinerary to Someone You Trust

Never leave home without giving a trusted friend or family member your itinerary. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that someone knows where you are and when, but you are giving your loved ones the same comfort as well.

Know Basic Self-Defense

I am not asking you to become the next Jackie Chan. However, it doesn’t hurt anyone to know some basic ways to defend yourself. In some countries, carrying mace is considered a concealed weapon and can get you in trouble despite the best intentions you have for yourself.

If you want a peace-of-mind, know some basic self-dense. This can be as simple as knowing the most sensitive parts of the body (and I don’t mean just kicking someone in the groin). Know that the eyes, nose, and ears are vulnerable spots.

The goal isn’t to take down your attacker but to afford yourself a few needed moments to escape to safety.

If you want to take it a step further, it’s worth the time to invest in a self-defense class offered in your area. It’s a life skill you can take with you anywhere and at any time.

No time for a self-defense class? No problem. I suggest this website - or this one - for a crash course for some familiarity.

Don’t Make Yourself a Target

Avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. This can be as simple as making sure you travel during the daylight hours and not taking shortcuts. IF possible, travel with a group or a walking tour. Even in those situations that you might find yourself alone, try to walk within close proximity to a couple who might be ahead of you.

Another tip to help diminish labeling yourself as a target is to be mindful of your social media posts. If people know you are out of town, it’s a prime time for someone to ransack your home. To avoid this, try to posts pictures of your adventure after you return home safely.

Stay Alert

Be mindful of where you are. If possible, study a map of how to get to your destination before stepping a single foot outside your door.

Also, be mindful of your drinks and how much alcohol you consume. The last thing you want is to have something slipped into your wine when you’re not paying attention or have too much to drink to the point that it clouds your judgment.

Be Smart with Your Goodies

Keep your cash, credit cards, and any essential documents either locked in the safe or stashed on you in various places. Put emergency cash in the bottom of your shoe, inside the lining of your bra, and inside your purse’s secret pocket.

Investing in an excellent anti-theft purse goes a long way too. I personally use the Sherpani Vale Crossbody Purse (*affiliate link*). It has a lot of unique features that can help make sure your belongings are safe and secured.

If you’re not into purses, a lightweight travel vest (*affiliate link*) might be more to your taste.

Most importantly, trust your gut instincts. If it means you need to be a jerk to someone to get the point to get the heck away from you, do it. Make a scene if necessary. Politeness should never outweigh safety. Chances are that if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Safe travels!

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