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Spellcasting, Subliminal Messages, and Surveillance: Where Is Maya Millete?

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Her body still hasn’t been found, but Larry Millete is going to trial for the murder of his wife, Maya Millete. Messages exchanged between the couple shortly before Maya went missing were presented at Larry’s preliminary hearing, and they speak volumes.

Thirty-nine-year-old Maya “May” Millete has been missing since the 7th of January 2021. In 2020, before the mother of three vanished with no explanation, she had a conversation with her husband, asking him to stop planting subliminal messaging devices around the home that they shared in Chula Vista, California. The devices were apparently installed to subconsciously convince Maya to reconcile with him.

Larry Millete’s search history revealed that he had been looking up types of sedative drugs. Maya had messages to her husband telling him she wanted to stop taking the vitamins he was supplying her as they were making her fatigued.
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District Attorney Investigator James Rhoades says that Larry has spent over $1,000 on spellcasting to force his wife to fall back in love with him and become subservient to him. An element of violence was added shortly before Maya went missing, including asking the spellcaster to break her bones or paralyze her so she would have to rely solely upon him for care.

The emails began in September 2020 and investigators believe some of the messages were erased before they could access them. He ordered 70 spells in total from the websites Calastrology and Fiverr.

“I would like a powerful Love Spell to Bind my wife May T. Millete to me forever. Also for her to love me unconditionally as I Love her. To keep her from hurting our family even further,” one of his messages read.

Over time, his demands became more sinister.

“Do you have any spells that can manifest to cause physical harm?”
“Can you give someone cancer?”
“Please give her the worst nightmares she needs to be punished for her actions.”

More than two dozen hexes were purchased against his wife.

“I would like a powerful love spell to bind my wife, May Millete, to me forever. To have her love me unconditionally like I love her.”
“If you are able to cast a spell to cause bodily harm or cripple without killing.”
“Is there a spell you can cast for May to be dependent on me and weigh her down?”

The messages got increasingly more desperate.

“I’m desperate to calm her down.”
“Make her sick and keep her really sick.”
“My wife May is adamant about getting divorced. She’s saying we’re over and she’s done trying.”
“She’s out of control and pushing, I think she wants me to snap.”

After January 7th, the messages suddenly stopped.

Larry Millete communicated his reasons for wanting to cause harm to Maya. In his correspondence with the spellcasters, he said Maya was wanting a divorce and that she had taken her ring off.

“I’m shaking inside, ready to snap,” he wrote on the very same day Maya disappeared. Then, all requests to spellcasters ceased.

It’s as if he no longer had a need for them.
Had he taken care of the situation himself?
Maya kept detailed records of what she was going through in her marriage, including the belief that her husband had sprayed pheromones around the house to manipulate her through her sense of smell. Maya had snapped a photo of a damaged door that prosecutors believe was evidence that Larry would get physical during the couple’s arguments. She had also stored audio files of subliminal messages Larry had been playing around the house.

Another damning piece of evidence, again supplied by the missing woman herself, was a video recording of the couple quarreling about a supposed affair Maya had with a co-worker in 2020. On the recording, Larry confronts his wife about the affair to which she replies, “So that’s enough for you to wish death on me all the time?”

Beginning in September 2020, a man by the name of Jamie had in fact exchanged messages with Maya that were romantic and sexual in nature, however, the evidence shows that the relationship somewhat fizzled out by January 2021.

Maya’s sister-in-law, Genesis, testified Larry had confessed to her that he had hidden their daughter’s cell phone in his wife’s vehicle so he could track her location. He even stalked her at one point and found her sitting with Jamie in a white truck.

According to Genesis, Larry confronted them and asked the man, “What are you doing here in this vehicle with my wife?”

Ironically, on January 9th, Larry sent one final message to the spellcasters. He asked them to transfer his hex requests from his wife onto another person: Jamie.

All activity on Maya’s credit cards stopped after the 8th. Maya’s cell phone had one final data transaction which occurred at 1:25 p.m.

Cell phone records show that Larry texted Maya a total of 44 times starting on the 9th of January until the 30th of that month, but he never once called her. Larry Millete’s phone data revealed that he was home the entire day on the 7th and manually his cell phone was turned off on the 8th for a 12-hour window of time.

This is when, he claims, he was at the beach with his son.

Audio recorded in Maya’s neighborhood at 9:57 p.m. on January 7, 2021. News 8

What could be the most crucial piece of evidence in this case is the surveillance video caught on a nearby neighbor’s camera. It was at this time that the camera recorded what sounded like eight gunshots and a dog barking. The terrifying audio was captured at 9:57 p.m. on January 7, 2021.

Larry also failed to show up to work on the 8th.

In yet another eerie twist, Maya Millete’s SUV backed up to the family garage on the day of her disappearance. After a few moments, it left the property. During the investigation into Maya’s disappearance, it was determined that 444 miles were unaccounted for on the SUV that day.
Maya Millete.Photo byMaricris Drouaillet

On the Millete’s children’s computer investigators discovered a folder labeled “DADDY’S FILES.” That file folder contained explicit videos of sexual acts between Larry and Maya.

Larry demanded that only a female detective be allowed to watch the videos, and investigators agreed to this. The search history on their daughter’s computer was similar to what was found on the family computer, including searches for subliminal messages.

On the 19th of October, 2021, Larry Millete was arrested and charged with his wife’s murder. He pled not guilty to the charges. His preliminary hearing began on January 11th, 2023 in San Diego, California.

Maya was indeed interested in pursuing a divorce from her husband. The San Diego District Attorney’s Office confirmed through her cell phone records that she had placed calls to two separate law firms in December 2020.

One of the last things she did before she disappeared was call Broaden Law on the afternoon of January 7th. She said she wanted a divorce from her husband, but that she felt it was unsafe to do so. Maya told her sister, Maricris, “If something happens to me, it’s going to be Larry.”

Where is the beautiful mother of three?
She needs to be found.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of May “Maya” Millete, please call investigators at (619) 691–5139 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 580–8477.

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