Molly Miller and Colt Haynes Vanish in the Night After High-Speed Chase with Police

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On the 7th of July, 2013, three friends took a turn down a dead-end road; two of them were never seen again. Molly Miller’s phone made a call to emergency services on July 8th at 12:57 a.m. When the dispatcher answered, the call was silent. The vehicle they were riding in was discovered deserted in a field two weeks later, but the friends were nowhere to be found.

The Chase

On a summer night in Wilson, Oklahoma, 21-year-old James Conn Nipp picked up his friends, Molly Miller, 17, and Colt Haynes, 21, and made a quick stop at a convenience store. For unknown reasons, as they were leaving the parking lot, Nipp spun gravel towards two patrol cars, prompting law enforcement to pursue.

The officers demanded the driver of the 2012 Honda Accord pull over, but he ignored their request. Nipp then led police on a chase through town and into the outskirts, reaching speeds of up to 120 miles an hour. As they approached the next county, he turned off the headlights and veered onto Long Hollow Road, a dead-end near the county line. The police were called off and ended their pursuit here, but Nipp, Miller, and Haynes continued on into the darkness.

Moments later, Molly and Colt began making phone calls to friends and emergency services. These calls lasted into the early morning hours of July 8th. The pair were pleading for water and a ride from anyone who could help them. They informed friends that they were lost near Oswalt Road.

Haynes’ sister, Monique Stewart, says her brother told friends that his ankle was broken and he was lying in a creek bed bleeding. Colt’s friends drove to the location where he was last seen and honked their horn, hoping that he would be able to hear them and find his way back, but he told them he couldn’t hear them at all.

Molly’s cell phone called 911 several more times, and the dispatcher tried returning her call, but there was never any response. Finally, at around 10:00 a.m. her phone dialed one final number. This number has never been released to the public. The last ping from Molly’s cell phone was on the corner of Oswald Road and Pike Road.

This was their last known location before they completely vanished.

Mysterious Circumstances

A search was conducted in the area where Molly’s phone calls originated from. A large group of volunteers, assisted by horses, ATV’s and helicopters, combed the land where the two went missing. Unfortunately, nothing was found.

Two weeks later, a 2012 Honda Accord, the vehicle driven by Nipp during the chase, was discovered abandoned in a field not far from where police had halted their pursuit. Damage to the vehicle was extensive and it was apparent that it had been driven through barbed wire and rough terrain.

James Conn Nipp never called 911 that night. He never called family or friends. He ditched the car he was driving and showed up again the next morning, claiming to know nothing about what happened to his friends.

More to the Mystery

Paula Miller Fielder, Molly’s cousin, spoke with Conn Nipp in September of 2013. He denied ever being with Molly and Colt that night. “Conn, I know she’s dead. Please, just tell us where she’s at,” Fielder pleaded. He didn’t give her an answer.

Nipp was eventually charged with endangerment of others, assault with a deadly weapon, and the unauthorized use of a vehicle for his role in the police chase. He served four years in prison and has since been released. It has never been proven that he had any involvement in the disappearances of Molly and Colt.

Colby Barrick was sent to prison in 2018 on unrelated charges. Allegedly, while in prison he told a law enforcement officer that the bodies of Molly and Colt are in Moxley Lake. The families have searched the area in and around the lake, but nothing has been found.

Gone but Not Forgotten

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, OSBI, suspects Molly and Colt have been murdered. Molly’s disappearance was ruled a homicide in 2014. Her family hired a private investigator who believes she was shot and killed that night, along with Colt, after an altercation with an unknown person.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Molly Miller or Colt Haynes, please call OSBI at 1–800–522–8017.

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