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Poet: Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

After a long hot summer,
today a light wind cools my skin,
reminding me of you.
caressing my soul.
I think of our first embrace,
the taste of your kiss lingers,
and your memory lulls my heart.
The coolness of your touch,
shivers to bitter cold,
hardens to ice within my soul.
I'm alone,
since you walked away.

Many years ago,
my youth satiated your hunger,
and the longing for love in my soul,
yet, a forever young soul surpasses,
love lust's passions.
My first love's memory soothes my aching heart.
But, for your hunger now,
what comforts your ache now, my love?

Poem 2: Falling Petals of Life

I sit under an old tree and ponder.

When I was young there were no chains to bind me

only green trees and cool shade.

But my life was too busy to enjoy gardens.

never seeing their glory;

too busy to dance in the beautiful streams, so pure!

I rushed past their splashing melody.

Why, in the curiosity of youth, did I only look ahead?

Moved so fast, moment to moment.

Caught in a spinning whirlpool, sucked down,

ignoring my soul that tried to assure me,

‘This whirlpool is where life begins.’

Life peered at me with pale eyes,

Petals fell, replaced by thorns.

Azure streams dried to muddy ditches.

And on the ground ruins lay.

I want to start my journey over.

I yearn for the cuckoo’s song.

But the days darken

and the birds have flown away,

The flowers wither as the desert invades.

The sad moon wastes its light,

and fruitless libations congeal in the dirt.

The only change that I can stand

is what a dying sun drops into my hand.

Weeping night offers no compassion

No sympathy.

No remembrance.

Just the reminder that I must go on.

I straighten my spine and move.

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Muhammad Nasrullah Khan is the publisher of Creative Corner. His short stories and poems are well-recognized internationally for his unique style. His creative work has appeared in Adbusters, Evergreen review, Indiana Voice Journal, Newtopia Magazine, Gowanus Books,Offcourse literary Journal University at Albany, The Raven Chronicles, and many others. His book is available on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D7WZXVL


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