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Literature has always dealt with the theme of love and hate, both very powerful emotions. Within the context of war, love ultimately wins out. There is no religion without love, and it is more than a feeling. Spiritual love is at the heart of Christianity. Love is primarily characterized by God's love, neighbor's love, and stranger's love in Judaism. Islam describes two major forms of love. The first is divine love, and the other is human love. A Hindu's concept of love consists of five stages: Atma Prema, Bhakti, Maitri, Shringara, and Kama. A Buddhist views love in its four traditional forms. Upeksha, Karuna, Mudita, and Maitri. Pyare is defined in Sikhism as love of God and creation. A Sikh Guru vigorously promotes this virtue as one of five. I've written this poem to describe the power of love.

Asim Ali on Social Media( With Permission)

Hey, Baby.
Don’t suppress your hatred.
Open your thesaurus
and find all nasty words for me
Mouth off, trash-talk me,
and I promise to change them into a song
the future generations will use our song
in their love letters.
I’m a poet,
with the magic to change
the meanings of words.
Hammer your words,
and see how my touch makes them mild and tender.
I bleed but never cry.
Yet, I exist within your words — an unhealed wound.
My kisses are petals.
So, speak up, don't hide.
Look right into my eyes!
I’ll pack your vicious punch
in a bouquet of love
I, who can snatch life
from the claws of death.

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