Opinion| Anti-American Slogan—A Cheap Political Tool in Pakistan

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Politicians in Pakistan survive on the anti-American slogans to gain the support among the populace. The so-called leaders use it as an effective tool to gain favor of crowd, since Pakistanis exist as a crowd. The concept of a nation is only in the text books. When politicians fail to deliver, they accuse Washington of meddling in local affairs. But the fact is, the US and Pakistan have been allies for decades that goes beyond an anti-American sentiment.

In his wonderful analysis of this political scenario, Kaukab Shajrani wrote:

Husain Haqqani, professor of South and Central Asia and the director Hudson Institute in Washington, puts it this way: “Conspiracy theories prevail because they make the powerless feel that their powerlessness is not because of something that they’re doing wrong. But because somebody is conspiring to make them powerless.”

Today this slogan is all the rage and the recently removed Prime Minister is going round the country with his slogan of hatred against America. Imran Khan, who lacks political vision and has completely failed in governance, has also found his villain: the United States. When he was removed by political process, he tweeted “U.S.-backed regime change abetted by local [traitors] to bring into power a coterie of pliable crooks all out on bail.” He had fifty percent of his advisors from this “enemy” country, while in power.

My knowledge of politics is rather limited, but there is one very interesting nugget of information to share with you. Most of the religious leaders who built their career on this slogan have their children living in America. Not only the leaders but also the people who burn flags of America love being American citizens. The current state of affairs in Pakistan is likely to have a profound impact on the future of America if US government introduces a visa lottery program for Pakistanis. I predict that millions, who are on the roads against America, will rush to the American embassy tomorrow early morning to submit their application. I bet everyone will jump and climb in order to reach first. Only psychiatrists are qualified to analyze this complex behavior, which has a deep psychological basis.

However, that is not all. Let me tell you that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the real victim of American politics. History is witness that the United States and allies were involved in the removal of Bhutto from office, with the support of Pakistani army. He exuded rage against the United States during his speech from the floor of the Assembly chamber; he repeatedly called the United States: “A white elephant that neither forgets nor forgives.” He was never forgiven by that “ White Elephant.”

Attributions: Source Cited: Why Pakistani Politicians Play the anti-American card by Kaukab Shajrani: " Husain Haqqani, director for South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute in Washington, told DW that anti-US rhetoric was often used to keep people focused on an external threat rather than domestic failures."

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