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Poem| This poem is written in the context of lost love. Though love brings beauty and pleasure but it may leave incurable wound. Its happiness is short but its pain is forever. Here I agree with renowned poet Khalil Jibran who said: "For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning."  

So, whenever you feel attracted by love, don't forget that you are being trapped by killing pain.

You didn’t attend our love’s funeral.
Do you even remember the life we shared?
What you killed in its youth.

It’s the anniversary of our love’s
So celebrate together.

Throw new soil on the grave,
cover it with stones,
and mark the grave "Love is Contagious".

Victims of love lose their rationale,
wander in the barren fields,
as their sighs surround around them.

let’s save the world from the wound of love,
rescue our generation by stoning it,
Your world is known for stones, bring the hardest.

let’s dig another grave for them,
all those books that bred love between us,
and bury our disease.

How cheerful was our love!
Its glory rivaled the most vibrant of flowers,
it once flew and brought crystal beams,

Though our love enlightened our souls,
it vanished when you threw love down a dark well,
Where it cried for many nights.

I pulled up the love you cast away.
There will be no time to bury it deeper,
never forget the day our love died.

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