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Opinion and Context: : This poem is written in love of nature and migration of birds. Thousands of birds migrate from cold to warm countries in winter. I used to wait for these birds in my childhood. It would be a great music when they passed over our villages. Especially the caranes because of their unique. Their loud, rattling bugle call had a special sadness that attracted the poets. The tragic aspect of their migration was that hunters used to hunt them and even now they are brutally killed. In our Asian countries, lot of sad songs are based on these sad migrating cranes. When I immigrated to Canada, I observed them closely and thought to write a poem on them. My own struggle as an immigrant is also described in form of satire in this poem. I hope you enjoy this poem in this context.

Farewell migrating cranes,
your fields have turned dry,
like the heart of my country--a long journey awaits.
Although it may kill,
yet you rip through the air with certainty and grace.
Let me wave,
and listen to your song one last time,
your holy hymns to the choir.
You will find your green fields,
but I’ve lost mine forever.

I wish for a song,
that could soothe the harsh climate,
and melt the white mountains,
but my poetic vision is narrow,
and can't reach the god of weathers,
it withers on the bough,
I wish it could capture the holy spirit,
and my soul could soar light as you,
but sitting alone I ponder,
what would this ghost-like land will show me,
without you.

Goodbye dear departing friends,
Are you flying in pain?
In agony of your departure?
Some of you were born here,
and now you go to an unknown world,
unaware of the hunters,
who are loading guns for you.
You who will fly hundreds of miles,
Only to be welcomed by bullets.

Oh, my friends, I can relate,
I came to your land as an immigrant,
in the days of sorrow and sadness,
your songs gave me hope,
your sweet melodies,
savored moments of joy,
you told me how to survive in strange lands,
and now you are leaving me alone.
I want to fly with you,
away from the world of humans,
where hatred spreads like drifting snow,
that has not melted for centuries.

Oh, old crane,
I want to see you lead your flock,
towards the warm lands,
where you teach about life,
our leaders have left us to the harsh winds.
I envy your free flights,
Your brave songs make me strong,
As you flit,
red leaves fall on the ground
from the amber sky you look down.

If you can’t stay anymore,
take my heart with you,
carry into the vast skies,
where it will have peace,
away from the dirt of the human world.
I know it has become heavier,
by the weight of centuries,
it contains the tears of mothers,
whose sons never returned.
Sorrow of migration bleeds my heart,
it has witnessed the human cruelty,
and above all the pain of lost love.

Carry my love with you,
and lose it in the open seas,
Where the blue water will purify it,
and green islands will embrace it.
Let it dwell there for a few months,
and if you come back,
bring it with you,
to loft again,
forever high.


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