National Cherish An Antique Day


April 9th celebrates National Cherish An Antique Day. This day is set aside to encourage us to cherish antiques and heirlooms that we received from relatives over the years. It’s worthy of note that sometimes, there is more to something than meets the eye. It may not be the monetary value of something so important but rather, the sentimentality of an item.

Not only do some antiques have a monetary value, but they may also hold a historical value. Do you know the history of that old vase that your great grandmother left to your mother that your mother left to you? If not, today is the day to do some research and find out more information on that vase. Perhaps yours isn’t a vase but something entirely different. Do you have any antiques that were left to you by a relative or close friend?

Over the years many of us tend to collect things. It could be something large or small, it could be something that is very valuable or something that is only sentimental to you. It may simply be cherished because it’s from our family or dear friend. Sometimes there is a spectacular story behind an item. Today is the perfect day to ask your family or friends about the history of your special heirloom.

Believe it or not, antiques were collected as far back as the 16th century when collectors were in European and English countries. By the 18th century, many would begin to preserve the authenticity of antiques and list out where they were purchased and other pertinent information. This would include gifts from family and friends as well as cherished heirlooms that were passed down generationally.

By this point in time, the antiques were not only valued for their historical value, but also their sentimental value. Today, antiques are cherished and revered in many families. National Cherish An Antique Day is a day to acknowledge and reflect on those who left heirlooms for their family.

It’s also a day designed to learn more about those antiques and where they came from. It’s not at all unusual to learn that grandma might have stood in line for hours to purchase something special that has been passed down for generations. She may have an interesting story to share. Be sure to write it down and if possible attach it to the antiques for future generations.

There are many great stories about antiques out there. This kind of history is irreplaceable and so are the stories that go alongside them. Ask your family about heirlooms and how they came to own the family. Share the stories with your children so that one day, they can share the story with their children.

How to observe Cherish An Antique Day

  • Take the time today to write down the stories of how the various antiques in your home came to be in your possession.
  • Note whether antiques are heirlooms or simply something that was found at a flea market.
  • Share your stories about your family's antiques online with #CherishAnAntiqueDay on social media.
  • Polish your antiques but make sure to not damage them in any way.
  • Visit a local antique shop.
  • Visit a museum.
  • Buy an antique to pass along to your children and eventually their children.
  • Visit an art gallery full of antiques.
  • Protect your antiques from rust.
  • Admire the workmanship of your antiques.

How will you celebrate National Cherish An Antique Day? Be sure to share with us in the comments section.


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