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**This article is based on nonfiction by actual events that were witnessed firsthand by me; used with permission.

I live in an area that often touts that they’ve seen Sasquatch or heard sounds that led them to believe that Sasquatch does indeed exist. I personally was neither a believer nor an unbeliever in Sasquatch until one August when I went hiking and took a slew of pictures. Our hike took us into an area that had a reputation for wildlife, however, nothing could have prepared me for what we encountered on our hike that day.

My friends and I often camped and hiked and we would take our fishing poles and do some fishing while we were at it. We’d been camping out at a rustic lake area we often camped and fished at when we decided to take an afternoon hike. It was about 2:00 pm and the sun was out with no clouds in sight this hot August afternoon.

We hiked over to a waterfall and sat on some warm rocks admiring the water cascading down the waterfall when I decided to take some pictures. I had forgotten my camera but had my cellphone with me so I used the camera on my phone instead.

I took a series of pictures when I suddenly realized I was staring at a silhouette of a “creature” through my cellphone (see picture at top of article). Since I wasn’t on the same side of the water as the creature I decided to take several pictures before I mentioned it to my friends.

Once I mentioned it my friends all wanted me to point the silhouette out but of course, it was gone by the time they got over to the rock I’d been standing on. I showed them the pictures on my cellphone and they believed me.

We hung out at the waterfall for about an hour but didn't see or hear anything after I took my pictures. I've revisited the waterfall a few times and always take a lot of pictures. I'm hoping that one day, I'll see the image again.

What was the strange silhouette? Was it the famous renowned Sasquatch that I’d heard of in the region? I may never know the truth, but, I choose to believe that I saw something that resembled the renowned creature that day.

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