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The scarcity principle is the first location where you should start modifying outdated assumptions. Even if you haven't heard it named that, I'm sure you've heard it before. According to the scarcity principle, decent men are in short supply. It is said that love is difficult to come by. It implies that you should keep this person since a better one may not appear.

The more you strive to cling on to things, the more they will slip away from you. Believing that love is in little supply will force it to flee. So forget about the principle of scarcity. Allow yourself to believe that this is the best there is. Act as if you're in a position of abundance. You have plenty of affection. You are not required to make others love you. You have all the affection you require. That's because love can be found anywhere. Love can be found in the way nature meets our needs for rain, sunshine, and nourishment. The way your friends and family treat you demonstrates love. Love is most evident in how you care for yourself, because you matter.

We frequently forget that we already have all the love we require within ourselves. You give off neediness when you yearn for love to complete you. Men, on the other hand, do not want to be in charge of your happiness. As a result, the "love" you think you're expressing will be rejected. If you believe that you know how to love but always expect something in exchange for the love you give, it's no wonder that men will refuse to accept a gift that comes with restrictions.

As a result, you must seek for the "Magic Kitchen" of love within yourself, where a limitless supply of love exists. We will have a stronger capacity to love others if we improve our ability to love ourselves. It's remarkable how accepting and loving ourselves for who we are allows us to accept and love others for who they are. When you understand that you already have all the love you require, you can give it to others in a healthy manner. You understand that there is more love to come. "If you can't love yourself, you can't expect others to love you," I like to say.

You must be your own biggest supporter." Are you?

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