The Self-Examination in a relationship

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Some individuals believe that you will know who you are when you meet them and everything will fall into place. That is, however, an exception rather than the rule. If you're like the majority of women on the planet, you understand that relationships, love, and commitment require a lot more than chance and timing - though that is a factor.

The nice things in life, such as the people you care about, don't always fall into place as you expect. Meeting new people can be fun and easy, but maintaining a meaningful and rewarding relationship in your life takes effort on both sides, whether you like it or not.

Dating, relationships, and love are all the same for men. To be prepared and in the appropriate frame of mind, you must perform some "work" before and during the event. The good news is that working on yourself is the most fulfilling and gratifying activity you'll ever perform. "Why should I do all this effort when it's males who have the significant issues and commitment phobias that prohibit me from having the relationship I want?" you might wonder. Well, I divide individuals into two groups: those who blame everything on others and those who accept responsibility for their own actions. Which group is happier and more able to turn their lives around? It is the group that is held accountable for what occurs in their environment.

If you want to create excellent situations in your life, you must think positively about the situation, study as much as you can about how to do what you need to do, then set out to achieve it in small, manageable steps, without expecting quick results. To put it another way, you must expect to fail and allow yourself enough time and space to learn. People who think hard about what they want and come to terms with the realities of how their ambitions can fit with the people around them are the most successful people I know. Then they figure out how to get there and stick to it over time, rather than blaming others for not having what they desire. And they have no expectations of quick or easy accomplishment with any of the jigsaw parts. It's no surprise that the women I know who are the happiest in their relationships are those that take a long-term, practical approach to dating.

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