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This is the greatest degree of a conscious relationship, where two individuals have committed to working on the relationship as well as on themselves. They understand that personal development never ends, therefore they continue to work on themselves while loving and caring for one other. The relationship takes on the form of a third person, who is nurtured, adored, and revered.

There is an intentional commitment to satisfying the relationship's demands rather than each partner's individual needs. There is a commitment to love, compassion, understanding, and connection. They promote and welcome increased vulnerability, knowing that this level of closeness leads to greater love, acceptance, and healing.

Sex is no longer just about satisfying a physical urge. It turns into a divine dance of deep intimacy and connection between two beings. Because this couple understands that sometimes growth involves growing apart, they are committed to the relationship's outcome. They communicate their actual feelings, desires, strengths, and flaws without fear of driving a spouse away.

Similarly, each partner figuratively "looks in the mirror" to develop their self awareness and identification of their own pattern and reactions that are triggered by a partner but are not the partner's responsibility. They don't blame each other; instead, they take responsibility for their "stuff" in an open and caring way. This form of self-directed effort improves the relationship by giving each partner additional tools to communicate and connect.

Work and a commitment to growth are required in conscious relationships, but they can lead to the most beautiful and rewarding relationships between two people.

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