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Feminine vs. Masculine Energy

Realizing you're a man is the first step toward becoming one.

The majority of males nowadays believe there is no difference between men and women and that they are equal in every manner.

Let me explain why that is nonsense. Men defend women and children has always been the basic math of society. Women raise children and civilize males. If you take away any of those roles, civilisation will fall apart. If men do not protect women, violence against women and children increases dramatically.

Broken and single-parent households would be the norm if women did not civilize men, and society would collapse in two or three generations. The problem is that "civilization's core math" is in great jeopardy RIGHT NOW. There's the widespread myth that men and women are "equals." There's also the widespread misconception that anything traditionally male is "poison." As a result, society's overwhelming message to men is, "We don't need you." "Well, at least women today are happier and more empowered," it's simple to think now. Are they genuine? If you talk to enough women, you'll realize that they all have one thing in common: they're all desperate for real males. Some people have been so anxious to stay sane that they have given up completely. If you ask me, this is hardly "happy and powerful." Do you wish to help women? Would you like to save the world? , It begins with you.

What it Takes to Be a Real Man A true guy is a man who exudes masculine vitality in the most basic sense. And male energy isn't weak. It is unforgiving of nonsense. It's in line with everything in life that is essentially good and valuable. It is now in command. It has the upper hand. It holds society together, regardless of what that society thinks of it. Are you a manly person? Assume you were watching live sports on TV. Imagine your girlfriend, a woman you adore, steps in and says she wants to watch Grey's Anatomy instead.

What exactly do you do? Switch to Grey's Anatomy and watch whiny physicians with her like a gentleman. Leave her with the remote and go do something else. Tell her to hold off till your game is finished. On the surface, your wife might believe you're a kind gentleman if you chose (a) or (b). But she sees WEAKNESS deep below. And she despises it deep within. No lady, no matter how gentlemanly he is, wants a weak guy. Why not? She will not respect you if you are weak. She won't be attracted to you if she doesn't respect you. And she can't love you if she can't feel attracted to you.

As a result, she either breaks up with you, leaves you for a stronger guy (even if that new guy isn't a "gentleman"), or henpecks you to death. This is why so many "decent guys" never seem to get the girl. You now know why you're not as successful with women (or in life) as you'd like to be. Let's put that right. Sexual Attraction Requires Masculine Energy Spiritual teacher David Deida characterizes sexual attraction as "a force of passion that arcs between masculine and feminine poles, and all natural forces flow between these poles" in his book The Way of the Superior Man. The stronger the masculine and feminine energies are, the more sexual attraction there is between them.

Only one side of that equation is under your control: your masculine energy. The issue is, you'll never hear a woman articulate her desire for masculine energy. Instead, they might say things like "kind, understanding, and devoted gentlemen." (We now know that this is a deception they tell themselves and others.) But who do they actually have feelings for? It's undeniably strong, domineering, and goal-oriented males. That man will be you. By understanding the differences between men and women, you've taken the first step toward being that man. What is the next step? It's about understanding the differences between you and other males.

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