An Analysis of Dangers Wild Animals Poses

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Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms, but sometimes we kill animals for hunting or careless driving and other human activities. Human beings are also got injured by animals. Animals attack humans directly by biting them or stinging, scratching, etc.

The most horrible wild creatures in the USA

1. Alligator:

Alligators are in the southeastern USA. They easily got escaped if someone approached them. They can quickly cover short distances. They will attack if they feel any threat. So to keep yourself safe, keep a mandatory distance from them. The basic size is 440–770 lbs, and the average death rate per year is greater than 1.

2. Cougars

They are like cats, and they are found near the western united state. These big cats can be wild fighters; they don't usually attack. According to reports, only 88 people got injured by their bite. But when they are hungry, they will attack, or when they are looking for new territory. The size of wild cats is 64–220 lbs.

3. Scorpions

There are almost 80-90 different species of Scorpio. They are found in hot and dry climates, basically in the southwestern area of the USA. The sting of Scorpio is not a threat to humans, but the pain is unbearable. However, they are very small in size 0.5–10 inches. Black Scorpios are mostly in Arizona.

4. Bears

Bears are wild animals with high intelligence and predictable behavior. There are two types of bears brown bears (grizzlies) and black bears. Brown bears are not found commonly now. Black bears prefer to stay in forest areas, but they can move to other areas searching for food. They won't attack you unless or until you provoke them. The size of these bears is 90-500 lbs, and the average death rate is 1 or 2.

5. Snakes

Snakebite is rarely found in the USA. The main two categories that can cause death are pit vipers and coral snakes.

Pit vipers include

rattlesnakes: there are 23-25 different types of rattlesnakes. Some rattlesnakes bites can kill a human being.

Copperheads: As their name suggests, they are copper in color. Their bite is usually mild but can be dangerous under some circumstances.

cottonmouth snakes deliver a very powerful bite, inside the snake's mouth is white, so they are known as "cottonmouth."

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