Texas Will Play a Key Role in Biden Plan to Fight Climate Change

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Texas is the largest contributor to the nation's oil production. Oil production is the key factor in running the state's economy. The state has faced immense pressure to cut down methane gas emissions that emit during oil production through the years. But the state's leaders are reluctant to address the growing concerns of climate change. Some argue that cutting emissions will harm the state's economy and levy a heavy burden on other economies' driven factors.

Addressing the fate of Texas reliance on oil production, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres suggested renewable energy sources as an alternative to oil production. Gov. Greg Abbott retweeted the statement that said "Pound Sand," citing high fuel prices to argue that "Texas oil and gas is needed right now."

The Environmental Protection Agency EPA proposed strict rules aiming to control the emissions of greenhouse gases. The proposed rules are underlying safety measures such as proper disposal of odorless gases, restraining gases leakage from faulty pipelines. It also highlights the use of advanced types of equipment for inspection and checking of leakages in pipelines.

Changing dynamics of climate change brought leaders around the world to a climate change summit held at Glasgow. The meeting added surefire to Biden's "Build Back Better,"; the goal to limit the emission of methane gas from oil-producing wells by the next decade. On the other hand, opponents argue that such a "broad picture" neglects many key factors taken into account before passing any resolute legislation.

After carbon monoxide, methane gas is the second most dangerous gas that depletes the ozone layer, causing greenhouse effects. According to a report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, methane gas causes more thermal impacts than carbon dioxide and other gases combined. "When I see big jumps, that's frightening because methane is such a strong warming agent," said Rob Jackson, a professor of Earth system science at Stanford University. Due to its toxic effects on human beings, the United States stopped the flexibility of financing fossil fuel projects abroad to stem the construction of natural gas production in lower-income states by the end of next year.

Whether these goals are realized or not largely depends upon the nation's response to the regulations or on elected officials. for instance, Texas flares most natural gas than any other state and fulfills 40% of crude oil demand. Some Republicans call the regulations "very dangerous" and against the will of Texas state.

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