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The main reason for the traffic block is the increase in population. As population growth increases, it means usage of vehicle increase, but usage of the vehicle has grown more than population. If the economy increases, so do the resources; many people can work from home or remotely; besides these facilities, traffic blocking is still the issue.

1. New York
Most traffic in New York:Most traffic in New York:

As new york is the most famous state in the US, NYC is the most populated state.NY is known for its subway system, museum. Elements that play an important role in traffic blocking are too many vehicles, rush hours, sometimes weather issues, and an increase in truck traffic.

2. Boston
Boston Traffic:Boston Traffic

Boston is on the second of the list with the worst traffic. According to a report, they view peak and off-peak hours Boston still has the worst traffic this year. Traffic congestion is going to be a problem forever. Traffic is being worst because areas are growing faster than the road network, the usage of the road increases to travel from city to city or from urban to rural. So we can tackle it by using public transport.

3. Chicago
Chicago Traffic:Chicago Traffic

Development boom plays a part in traffic congestion. Chicago’s traffic is being worse day by day. According to reports, the traffic is increasing because of the increase in the economic graph. As per research, Chicago is going for alternatives to control traffic. They are replacing it with electronic scooters as a way to reduce automobile trips. Work from home can also play a role in reducing traffic.

4. Philadelphia
Philadelphia Traffic:Philadelphia Traffic

Philadelphia is setting bars high to control traffic. According to recent news and reports, the court has passed a bill to stop drivers from committing minor traffic violations such as breaking red lights. They hope that this bill will help to reduce some traffic. The bill passed by the court:

  • Driving with a single broken brake light
  • Driving without an inspection or emissions sticker
  • Having a registration plate that’s not displayed, fastened, or visible
  • Bumper issues
  • Driving with a single headlight or minor obstruction
  • Driving without vehicle registration within 60 days of the observed infraction.

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