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Most Expensive Cities in USInvestopedia

Many cities may come to your mind when you think of the cities in the U.S. with the highest cost of living. The cost of the living index covers the most basic need of adults in the U.S., including housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, etc. So let’s look at the five most expensive cities in the United States, based on these indexes.

Manhattan, New York

Manhattan is one of the most densely populated areas in New York, made up of Manhattan Island. Its population is around 1.632 million, with an area of 59.1 km². It is popular mainly because of its culture, diversity, and entertainment.

  • Composite Index: 240.6
  • Grocery Index: 147.4
  • Housing Index: 527.9
  • Utilities Index: 102.5
  • Transportation Index: 129.2
  • Healthcare Index: 110.3
  • Misc. Goods and Services Index: 132.4

San Francisco, California

Located in the Northern California, San Francisco is a cultural and financial center in the U.S. State of California. The culture, economy, and natural beauty of this place make it appealing, and because of it, it has a high demand for living here.

  • Composite Index: 188.0
  • Grocery Index: 130.4
  • Housing Index: 342.3
  • Utilities Index: 137.2
  • Transportation Index: 145.0
  • Healthcare Index: 122.2
  • Misc. Goods and Services Index: 121.9

Honolulu, HI

On Oahu’s south shore, Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and gateway to the U.S. island chain. It is one of the most attractive places for tourists and has one of the most expensive real estate. With an area of 177.2 km², famed for its iconic crescent beach backed by palms and high-rise hotels, with volcanic Diamond Head crater looming in the distance

  • Composite Index: 187.6
  • Grocery Index: 157.9
  • Housing Index: 313.1
  • Utilities Index: 169.2
  • Transportation Index: 141.1
  • Healthcare Index: 112.3
  • Misc. Goods and Services Index: 126.7

Brooklyn, NY

With an area of 180 km², Brooklyn is the home of many richest people. It is home to the famous Coney Island, famous for its hot dogs and early American amusements. It also has one of the renowned buildings like Brooklyn Brownstones.

  • Composite Index: 174.6
  • Grocery Index: 125.0
  • Housing Index: 319.8
  • Utilities Index: 105.5
  • Transportation Index: 114.0
  • Healthcare Index: 104.4
  • Misc. Goods and Services Index: 122.3

Washington, DC

Famous for its government sector, Washington D.C. is also on our list of most expensive cities in the U.S. One of the reasons behind its popularity is its top-class museums and awe-inspiring monuments.

  • Composite Index: 154.7
  • Grocery Index: 112.7
  • Housing Index: 257.4
  • Utilities Index: 108.0
  • Transportation Index: 110.0
  • Healthcare Index: 91.4
  • Misc. Goods and Services Index: 122.3

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