Sitting at the computer all day is not advantageous for a person's physical health.


We are all aware that a regular exercise regimen is beneficial for health but is not always possible for everyone to achieve. So, if a fitness routine is not appropriate for your schedule at this time, a few steps here and there starting at work can add up.
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Whether you travel to a job or work from home, sitting for an extra-long time in front of a computer can create a real effort to get up from the chair. In the past, to avoid moving for at least three hours, I would fit in the water, snacks, bathroom visit, and stop by the printer in one trip.

Spacing out office chores forces a person to move every 30 to 60 minutes to help control blood sugar levels, keep muscles limber, and clear the mind.

  • Leaving the personal and professional phone in an area will make it a must to get out of the chair to answer.

  • Lunch or a coffee on the go. The effort to walk into the restaurant instead of using the drive-thru will pay off for the extra steps. You may find that the line at the ordering counter is a short wait.

  • Wireless technology has enabled the printer and fax machine to sit away from the computer so take advantage of this to create an extra movement.

  • Over the day, refresh your mindset and adjust your computer eyesight by walking several times to a window to stare out.

  • Keep the snack and beverage area away from where the computer sits. After eating, wash and dry, and put away dishes instead of letting everything collect until the end of the day.

Final words:

Consider wearing a pedometer or a fitness tracker that can provide motivation. Remember that 2000 steps add up to a mile. It is that easy.

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