Allergen Friendly Hot Cocoa Line Expands Product Distribution Beyond Connecticut

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Bare Life hot cocoa mix is now available in more locations beyond Connecticut.Bare Life image

As sales continue to increase for their signature plant-based and gluten-free hot cocoa mix, Connecticut-based entrepreneurial business Bare Life has expanded on-location shopping to states in and beyond New England. This latest expansion will put Bare Life products in more places across the country, allowing more customers the option of in-person purchasing.

The newest locations to carry the allergen-friendly hot cocoa mix are in Michigan, Maine and Idaho. The locations include Nature’s Gateway in Hartland, Michigan; Winter Ridge Natural Foods Market in Sandpoint, Idaho; and Main Street Markets in Rockland, Maine.

Customers in these locations will now see the Bare Life Coconut Hot Cocoa Mix on local shelves. Product availability varies, but the popular hot cocoa mix is sold in a 10 Pack Single Serving, 10 Serving Pouch, Single Serving, or 5 lb. food service option.

The addition of these new locations brings the total number of locations carrying Bare Life hot cocoa to 58, including Whole Foods Markets, Shoprite, and an array of small businesses and local restaurants.

As Bare Life founder Ali Lazowski continues to receive widespread recognition for the gluten-free, dairy free, vegan, coconut hot cocoa, demand continues to increase for Bare Life in-person sales, in addition to on-line availability of the delicious hot cocoa mix.

Whole Foods Market Continues to Grow List of Locations Carrying Bare Life

Whole Foods Market carries Bare Life’s hot cocoa mix throughout five New England states, in a total of 38 locations across the region. The states include Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Whole Foods most recent location to begin carrying Bare Life hot cocoa mix is in Portland, Maine, which comes as Bare Life continues to expand product availability.

“Millions of people have food allergies and sensitivities that narrow their choices for delicious foods. Having Bare Life’s hot cocoa mix more readily available to customers means we are meeting the dietary needs of more and more people – and that has been our mission and our commitment from day one,” says Lazowski.

Bare Life’s Beginning

Lazowski started the allergen friendly hot cocoa company after her being diagnosed her junior year of college with IBS, Hashimoto’s disease, Thyroid cancer, and Lyme disease. The chronic conditions and diseases she was diagnosed with required a change in her diet. Her dietary needs included foods that were gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. She found that the foods available either did not taste good or did not cover multiple allergens. Taking matters into her own hands – literally – she developed the original Bare Life recipe in her own kitchen.

That led to the launch of Bare Life in 2017, created to bring crave-worthy and convenience to allergen friendly eating for the millions of people living with chronic illnesses, food allergies and sensitivities.

Launch of Innovative Store Request Form for Customers

To respond to the needs of their growing customer base, Lazowski has launched a Store Request Form on the Bare Life website. This tool allows customers to download and print the request form and bring it to the manager of the desired store location. Bare Life will then be able to follow-up by reaching out to them directly to inquire about carrying Bare Life products at their location.

“At Bare Life, we want to meet the needs of all of our customers. The store request form allows us to do just that! If a customer’s local grocery store does not carry Bare Life, we do everything we can to get our products on their local grocery store’s shelves,” says Lazowski.

Top-Rated Product, with Customers Nearly Everywhere

The launch of this form comes as the number of Bare Life customers grows. Since the company launched sales in 2018, Bare Life has earned customers in 49 of the 50 states. Bare Life can be purchased online at Amazon, The Vegan Local, Faire, Etsy and, for a limited time, on Zulily. On Amazon, Bare Life hot cocoa mix is a 4.7 Star Rated Product and was named Top New Hot Cocoa on Amazon at its launch on the site in January 2020.

More information about the award-winning Bare Life, including purchasing options and store locations, can be found at

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