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Hartford Tech Firms Collaborate to Bring Manufacturing Careers, Drone Technology Directly to American Households

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Aquiline Drones and MakerspaceCT, both in Downtown Hartford, have launched a collaboration.MakerspaceCT image

Two innovative Connecticut tech organizations are responding to President Biden's recently announcement of the use of drones to inspect the country's roads, bridges, and utilities as part of his sweeping infrastructure plan. The local businesses - Aquiline Drones and MakerspaceCT - have partnered to meet the need for Made-in-the-USA drones and to put all Americans back to work, through at-home, commercial drone production.

Aquiline Drones (AD), a comprehensive commercial drone manufacturer and cloud solutions provider and MakerspaceCT, a non-profit tech incubator for entrepreneurs, businesses, schools and the community, are launching the innovative Aquiline Agile Manufacturing Pod (AMP), the latest addition to the world of Industry 4.0.

"The demand for millions of American-manufactured drones is dire," said Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of Aquiline Drones, headquartered in Hartford. "Using foreign manufactured drones to inspect our nation's critical infrastructure, exposes it to potential cybersecurity breaches."

Alexander explains that AMP was conceptualized by AD to de-centralize manufacturing, emulate work environments, and most importantly, deploy job opportunities directly to American households.

"In our new on-demand economy, agile workspaces are becoming a necessity to combat the struggle of work-life balance currently impacting approximately 29% of Americans," adds Alexander. "Instead of a one-time, back-to-work payout, it makes more sense for the government to invest $15,000 in equipment that will generate a long-term, high-yielding revenue stream for individuals and businesses alike." AD will soon be accepting pre-orders online through its info@aquilinedrones.com portal.

Akin to the company's established Flight to the Future online drone pilot training and small business ownership program, AMP is yet another career option that gives customers tremendous value over the cost of starting a small business in a burgeoning industry.

Specifically, AD is partnering with MakerspaceCT to bolster capacity in prototyping, sourcing materials for building the AMP and distributing it nationwide. As a global leader in the drone industry, a worldwide distribution model is currently in the works.

"The modular AMP system facilitates deployment of manufacturing to those working remotely and redefines the workforce as we know it today," said Devra Sisitsky, Executive Director of MakerspaceCT, based in Hartford. "These palletized and scalable units are designed for shipping to community centers, schools, empty warehouses, people's homes, and apartments."

The standard assembly plan is easy to follow, and the mini manufactory becomes a new work center in less than one day. Units can house 1-3 workers, tools, a suite of advanced interconnected assembled test electronic components, and micro-manufactured assemblies and products. For larger installations, the modules can be expanded and connected to create an integrated system of uniformity and artificial intelligence (AI) control of deployed streamlined manufacturing.

AD's AMP is truly agile - it can become a permanent installation or re-packaged and moved to another location, ready to employ the next round of manufacturing talent.

"This revolutionary system allows access to new manufacturing talent, bringing the work center to people wherever they reside - in cities, suburbs, or rural areas," said Mark Colbert, Chief Operating Officer at MakerspaceCT. "It breaks down the barriers of travel and accessibility - including support for workers with special needs - and allows financial sustainability for those who want a solid, work-from-home, employment solution in the micro-manufacturing sector."

Through an AI system, laborers can now perform specific tasks in one day rather than weeks. Inventory, quality control, and shipping are streamlined through this AI system. Further, a certified AD technician ensures the successful installation with each AMP in its setting.

"AMP truly breaks down any barriers of inclusivity, gender, race, and disability as anyone can now manufacture at home and achieve financial independence," said Alexander. "We are redefining manufacturing and assembling goods in a post-COVID world."

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