Mom teaches chicks how to find bugs to eat

Me and my family raises all kinds of birds every since I was a kid growing up on a farm, I always had all kinds of chickens from all over all different types of chickens from Rhode Island Reds to These Aseels,Shamo,Brazils, Thais, Although these birds are really territorial and aggressive towards each other we keep them separate yards and cages you really have to build strong chicken coops For these birds or else they can get out and hurt each other, which is something we never want to happen because it can get nasty sometimes from all the pecking they do to each other. Attention !! My family farm pets are not for sale or any type of illegal activities !!!! We love our animals

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Hi everyone my name Is Tc and I’m here to put out fishing videos but my fur baby, “Biscuit” and my random videos has been taking over the show here on NewsBreak! Follow us as we keep you entertained.

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