The Ultimate Monster Maker in Denver, Colorado

Distortions Monster World by Distortions Unlimited in Denver, Colorado is a prefer place to visit during the Halloween season. Distortion Unlimited manufacturing company has been "Making Monsters" since 1978 and are based out of Greeley, Colorado. They design and develop animatronics, props, masks, costumes and displays for a variety of customers. You most likely have seen their creations used by Halloween events, theme parks, haunted houses, and horror movie. They have setup an "art" exhibit or monster museum, if you will, in downtown Denver, Colorado called Distortions Monster World. Where you can find a series of cinematic environments that immerse you into an environment of creatures and characters. Many you’ll recognize from music, film, T.V., and your favorite haunted attractions. Come along with us as we take you on a tour of Distortions Monster World this Halloween season.

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