The Jack O' Lantern History and The Magic of the Jack O’ Lantern at Hudson Gardens

We tell the History of Jack O' Lanterns, while visiting the event The Magic of the Jack O’ Lantern at Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado. Overview: There is a new Halloween event that has been lighting up towns and cities across the USA. The open aired illumination of thousands of Jack-o-lanterns can be found along walking paths, forests, and even lakesides. These magical Halloween events are delighting adults and children alike. We had the pleasure of attending Denver-based Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group’s media debut night at the Magic of the Jack O’ Lanterns at Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado. The month-long event has 5000 amazing hand-carved pumpkins lighting the way and grounds as far as the eyes can see. So, come along with us as we walk through one of these brilliant Halloween events and talk about the amazing history of the Jack- ‘o-Lantern and the deal that was made with the devil.

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