Colorado Record-Breaking Brook Trout Caught at Monarch Lake

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Colorado is an angler's paradise with thousands of miles of stocked rivers, streams, and lakes. The trout-filled waters provide a relaxing, beautiful setting for fishing, and there is always a chance to reel in the next great catch.

In May of 2022, an angler named Tim Daniel joined the Colorado record books when he caught a massive brook trout at Monarch Lake in Grand County, Colorado.

The record-breaking fish weighed 7.84 pounds and was over 23 inches long, and it is the largest brook trout recorded in Colorado. The previous state record, set in 1947, had remained unchallenged for seventy-five years!

The brook trout is a freshwater fish found throughout Colorado in large lakes and small streams. This fish species thrives in cool water that is clear, clean, and well-oxygenated.

According to Wikipedia, the typical weight of a brook trout is less than one pound to about 6.6 pounds, but little is typical about Colorado, including the size of our brook trout.

Congratulations, Mr. Daniel, on your impressive catch.

The largest brook trout in Colorado has some growing to do if it wants to compete for the world record. This honor goes to a brook trout caught in 1915 in Ontario, Canada by Dr. W.J. Cook. The fish weighed a massive 14.5 pounds and was 31.5 inches long. How long will this world record stand?

If you are interested in joining the angler record books or earning a Colorado Master Angler Award, hit the waters this weekend and give it your best cast. I'll see you there!

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