A loyal dog battles a mountain lion to protect its owner

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Belgian MalinoisImage by Katrin B. from Pixabay

25 May 2022 Update: The dog's owner recently shared on Instagram that Eva has been released from the animal hospital and is now home continuing to heal and recover.

Erin Wilson and her two-year-old dog, a Belgian Malinois named Eva, were hiking near the Whites Bar Picnic Area in Trinity County, California, on Monday, May 16th, when Erin encountered a mountain lion.

According to Erin's Go Fund Me page, the large cat swiped at her scratching her left shoulder. Erin yelled for her dog, who had run ahead on the trail, and Eva raced back and attacked the much larger animal.

The dog and mountain lion fought, and then Erin heard a painful yelp from her pet. The big cat’s jaw was clenched on the left side of Eva's head. Erin desperately tried to free her beloved dog, but she could not dislodge the cougar.

Erin ran to her car to get a tire iron and call for help. A good Samaritan named Sharon joined her in fighting off the mountain lion to free Eva.

Erin shared that she rushed her dog to the nearest vet, over an hour away. The dog had several seizures en route, and Erin feared her pet would not survive the trip. Thankfully, Eva made it, and she received the emergent, life-saving care she needed.

The brave dog has a fractured skull, a punctured sinus cavity, and a swollen left eye. To help pay for the extensive medical bills, Erin created a GoFundMe page, and in less than 24 hours, she raised over $22,000 for her dog’s medical treatment. These funds will cover all the medical costs, and the extra money will go to charity.

A heroic dog protected her owner, a skilled vet saved the pet, and the kindness of strangers have helped them all. You can follow Eva's recovery on Instagram.

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