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A donkey named Clyde was appointed mayor of Divide, Colorado

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(Colorado) All rise for Clyde, the honorable new mayor of Divide, Colorado.

Clyde, a donkey, was the decisive leader in the recent mayoral race earning an impressive 5,635 votes. Cinna and Maizey Little Wolf, highly capable dogs, tied for second place with 3,935 votes and will serve as esteemed vice mayors.

Clyde, a seven-year-old male donkey, loves peppermints and carrots and he does not like crossing water or mud. It is beneficial to have strong instincts when you are the leader. During his term (2022 - 2024), Clyde promises to “bring visibility and attention to all rescue animals.”

Eleven candidates ran in this closely watched race including eight dogs, one cat, one fish, and one victorious donkey.

The votes were tallied by the trustworthy staff at the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter. Every creature was eligible to vote as long as they had $2. This clever fundraiser for the animal shelter earned an impressive $41,000 from over 19,000 charitable voters. I can’t think of a better way to make your vote count. 

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While celebrating the winners, we must also acknowledge the hardworking underdog who happened to be a fish. An honorable mention goes to Gold Digger, a 2-year old Bug-eyed goldfish, for testing the political waters. 

Gold Digger had a catchy slogan, “Keeping an eye on Divide”, and an intimidating security team of two cats and a dog, but the fish couldn’t drum up enough support.  He acknowledges that he was working with a small budget and an even smaller staff of six aquatic animals, two of which were algae eaters.

Despite Gold Digger’s bulging eyes and lustrous color, the fish earned the fewest votes of all the candidates. Maybe next time.

It may seem surprising that Divide and Teller County, a conservative political population, elected a donkey as mayor. This election may be a sign of changing political opinions, or perhaps voter rejection of “paw-litics as usual." Time will tell.

Although the polls are closed, you can still read about the candidates here and support the valuable mission of Teller County Regional Animal Shelter with donations.

Congratulations, Clyde!

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