Colorado park ranger denounces dog waste on hiking trails

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(Colorado) Dogs are wonderful companions, and they love to explore the outdoors with their humans. During these walks, dogs relieve themselves, and it is the owner's responsibility to pick up after them and properly dispose of the waste. We all know this, but not everyone does it.

A park ranger, Jason, in Jefferson County, Colorado, recently shared on Twitter that he collected seventeen dog waste bags on a small section of a hiking trail.

This amount of litter is not a one-time occurrence. In January 2022, Jason tweeted that his team collected 2,200 bags of dog waste the previous year.

Park rangers are busy, and it is not their responsibility to pick up after people and their pets. Rangers have more important duties like ensuring the safety of visitors, educating people on nature and conservation, and participating in search and rescue efforts.

Everyone, including dog owners, need to "leave no trace" when enjoying the great outdoors.

Pet owners who don't properly dispose of waste bags are not only being inconsiderate but also increasing the spread of bacteria and risking contamination to nearby water sources. It is also unlawful. In most places, failure to pick up and properly dispose of pet waste comes with a hefty fine.

This April, during Earth Month, let's all work on new habits. We need to do our part to clean up Colorado by properly removing our pet's waste, picking up trash when we see it, and staying on designated trails to avoid trampling new growth and spring blooms.

Keep Colorado beautiful!

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