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3 Local Bakers for Your Mother's Day Yummies


Mother's Day is just around the corner so its time to start planning. This is a day to spoil your mother endlessly for the hours that she has spent raising you to be the person that you are today (and also for all those loads of stinky laundry she had to wash for you). My mom is a huge fan of supporting local, so I wanted to spread her love with 3 local bakers and companies in the Tampa Bay area that you can get some delicious treats to surprise your mom in bed with. We've got cookies, cakes, cupcakes, macarons, and even gluten free options! There is definitely something for every mom on this list.

Caramel Cookies and Co

Have you ever tried a stroopwafel? Originating in the Netherlands, this waffle cookie is crispy on the outside and and filled with a sweet, gooey caramel on the inside. It is the perfect balance between sweet, crunchy and buttery and your mother will truly love them.

Caramel and Cookie Stroopwafels@mimosasandmedicine on IG

The best way to eat one of these is with a cup of hot tea or coffee in the morning. If your mama is a coffee lover, then these are the gift for her. Balance the stroopwafel on the rim of the steaming cup for a couple minutes to allow the caramel to warm up in the middle for a gooey, perfect bite to start off the day. Now where do you get these mouthwatering pieces of confection??

Caramel and Cookies is a Tampa-based business that uses a generational recipe passed along in their Dutch family for years. To spice it up, Caramel and Cookies use real Belgian Chocolate to dip their stroopwafels and then they load it with all of our favorite American toppings.

Make it Gooey By melting it over your steaming hot coffee@mimosasandmedicine on IG

They have tons of different flavor options for you to choose from, depending on which candy is your mom's favorite:

  • Stroopwafel dipped in chocolate
  • chocolate Butterfinger
  • chocolate M&M
  • chocolate coconut
  • chocolate cookies and cream
  • chocolate pretzel
  • caramel sea salt

You can send these incredible treats to people anywhere in the US. They will individually bake every single cookie to order so they are fresh and wrapped ensuring freshness even weeks after they have been shipped. If you order more than $35.00 worth of cookies. If you are in the Tampa Bay area, you can buy their incredible cookies right in-store at one of any of the participating locations including; TeBella Tea company, Dignitary Cafe, and The Blind Tiger Cafe!

Whipped n Baked

Brittney Kosses looked at the pandemic and quarantine as a time in which she could finally return to her love and passion for baking. She was determined to master one of the hardest pastry's to make: the maracon. A macaron is an almond based based cookie that is sandwiched with a delicious filling. The cookies are flavored and colored into the most amazing different flavors and combinations. Thousands of macarons later, this young baker has started her own Tampa Bay business, Whipped n Baked, selling her incredible macarons at local markets around town!

Variety of Macarons@mimosasandmedicine on IG

For those with moms who have special dietary restrictions, I would highly recommend coming to Brittney because all of her macarons are 100% gluten free. You can order multiples of 5 macarons from Whipped n Baked online and even special order your favorite flavor combinations. Just a few of the tons that she includes are:

  • nutella crunch
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • sea salt and caramel
  • chocolate chip cookie dough
  • white chocolate raspberry
  • peanut butter chocolate

And tons more!! Brittney's passion for baking started long before her macaron adventure and it definitely reflects in her other goodies as well. My personal favorite are her monster cookies made with peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, and M&Ms. Her newest creation is a nutella brownie cookie made with swirls of nutella, white chocolate chips and M&Ms. She also has 100% gluten free donuts, chocolate peanut butter eggs, and slutty brownies!

If your mom loves Disney and reminiscing of our childhoods, then order her a dozen of Whipped N Baked Mickey and Minnie Macarons. These pink and white macarons are shaped in little mouse ears, and can be customized to the flavors that you like the most!

Mickey and Minnie Macarons for Our Disney Lovers@whippednbakedbybritt

Whipped N Baked Mother's day special is a breakable chocolate box, completely customizable. It comes with a white, dark, or milk chocolate flower shaped shell, cakesicles, macarons, flowers, and many more! Or if you want to treat your mama to a cake, Brittney makes these gorgeous macaron 3 tier macaron cakes which are nothing like you have ever seen before. The colors and artmanship on them will make you question whether or not you even want to cut into it.

3 Tier Macaron Cake@whippednbakedbybritt on IG

Courtney's Cupcakes

Courtney, one of the most talented bakers I have ever met, specializes in custom cupcakes, cakes, doughnuts, and more. She grew up in New York, attended the Culinary Institute of America before settling down in Clearwater, Fl. to open up her own bakery right in her home. She has worked in food for years in different management positions but at the end of the day, all she wanted to do was keep cooking. Similar to Brittney, Courtney made use of the pandemic to return to doing the thing that she loved.

Custom Cake By Courtney@courtneyscupcakeco on IG

Her expertise and background in the culinary department allows Courtney the ability to make some of the best flavor and textural combinations. What she loves even more than the actual baking itself, is the decorating in which she can show off her insane creativity and talent in cakes that would blow Food Network Cake Decorating competitions out of the water.

If you are looking for something grand to surprise your mom with on this Mother's Day, send Courtney a message because she has something up her sleeve that your mom will love. She has tons of different themes and ideas on her Instagram that she has made in the past couple months including Disney Princesses, Wedding Cakes, beautiful lace and stencil work, a Jack Daniel's Whiskey cake and even a geode cake!!

The Perfect Surprise for Mom@courtneyscupcakeco on IG

Her newest creations are cakesicles. Very similar to a cake pop, these are molded and mounted onto popside sticks and then decorated to however you would like. She can also make logo sugar cookies if you have a business that you would like to promote in a way that would definitely be remembered! I had the opportunity to try one of her gluten free donuts as well which are amazing and the best treat in the morning!! I love that all of our Tampa Bay bakers are so accomodating to our mom's so I highly recommend sending them some love!

Adorable Cakesicles@courtneyscupcakeco on IG

I hope this helps you find the perfect treat for your mom. If you are looking for other local restaurants and companies to support in the Tampa Bay area, please follow me and check out my other articles. A huge shoutout to all those moms out there that are working overtime to raise us, and some special love to my mom who has made me into the foodie that I am!!

With love and good food,


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