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SoHo (South Howard) in Tampa is one of the most popping places in Tampa Bay. Located in Downtown Tampa, this street is lined with bars, restaurants, apartments and tons of people. It is truly one of the social capitals of this area. One of the restaurants that is absolutely thriving in this area is called Fresh Kitchen.

Fresh Kitchen was started by a group called Ciccio which now owns quite a few local restaurants on south Howard. Each of them have their own unique concepts and some of the best food in Tampa including Taco Dirty, The Green Lemon, Daily Eats, Cali, Water + Flour, and Better Byrd. They even operate a yoga and cycling studio and they recently have opened up a food hall called On the Fly. This group is truly livening up Tampa Bay and I love it!!

Fresh Kitchen was developed on the basis of creating a healthy bowl concept that is convenient for on the run or to eat in with your friends. It is a causal dining experience so you can stop in during your lunch shift, or grab it on the way home to your family! Ciccio Group opened Fresh Kitchen in September 2014 and a little over a year later, they were able to open their second location in Sarasota! They now have 5 Fresh Kitchen locations but here in Tampa Bay we can be proud to say that we have the OG.

Fresh Kitchen prides themselves, as many of our local Tampa restaurants do, on serving fresh, high quality ingredients. As we are approaching this new year with new resolutions, I encourage you to use the events of 2020 to emphasize the importance of focusing on how we should cherish the lives that we live which means feeding your body right!:) Fresh Kitchen brings up a great point on their website that what we eat plays an affect on our disposition, so if we eat well, we will feel well and be happy! I greatly respect the amount of dedication that the Fresh Kitchen team has put into developing a way for us to still enjoy foods that we love and taste delicious while being conscious of our health!!


Now of course, our favorite part of every foodie article, the menu and food options!!

There are different size bowls that you can order depending on how hungry you are feeling! Fresh Kitchen is very family friendly and offers kid sized bowls that include 1 base, 1 veggie, 1 protein, and 1 sauce. This a great way to provide a healthy meal for your kids that they will absolutely love. They can customize it to exactly their liking while still eating whole and fresh ingredients.

For the adults, there are two different size bowl options.

  • The Four bowl comes with 2 bases, 1 veggie, 1 protein and 1 sauce
  • The Six bowl comes with 2 bases, 2 veggies, 2 proteins and 1 sauce.

Personally I strongly recommend that you size up on your bowl because there are so many incredible ingredients and toppings that you have the opportunity to order, you definitely want to the ability to choose them!!

Now to build your bowl. First you begin with the bases. This is what will provide the bulk of your bowl and it is considered the main source of carbohydrates for your bowl typically! Every single option that they offer for the bases are gluten free, non-dairy, no added sugar, and vegan so it is very accommodating to those with all dietary restrictions! I really love all of the different bases but the kale slaw and the sweet potato noodles are my personal favorites! Its great to eat such nutrient dense foods in a form that is so flavorsome. The coconut ginger rice is also very good. This rice is made with coconut milk which gives it a beautiful sweetness to it and loaded with he

  • brown rice
  • spinach salad
  • kale slaw
  • citrus rice
  • power rice
  • coconut ginger rice
  • sweet potato noodles
  • cauliflower potato mash

Once you load up the bottom of your bowl with a base, it is now time to top it with your roasted veggies. Depending on what size bowl you get, you can choose one or two of these veggies. Because they use all fresh ingredients, the veggies can vary depending on the season and location but no matter what I can promise that you will love them. Again, all of the veggies are gluten free and sugar free. The parmesan broccoli is not vegan or dairy free (due to the parmesan) but all of the other options are! If these dietary restrictions do not apply to you, I highly recommend ordering the parmesan broccoli because it is incredible and always cooked to perfection. The basil mushrooms and roasted brussels sprouts are also fantastic choices!! (Can you see why I recommend getting the bigger bowl now?? All of their options are too good to choose from).

  • parmesan broccoli
  • basil mushrooms
  • roasted brussels sprouts
  • golden spice chickpeas
  • maple sweet potatoes

Of course, you cannot have a proper, healthy bowl without some sort of protein. The protein is heaved on with a spoon so Fresh Kitchen is not skimpy. They have both vegan and nonvegan protein options to satisfy all of those within your party! Depending on what your choice of protein is, they have a ton of options from chicken, to fish, to tofu, to steak. Their proteins include:

  • grilled citrus chicken (this has a beautiful tang that balances it perfectly)
  • BBQ chicken (the sweetness of the sauce is sooo good)
  • chilled caprese tofu (vegan and incredibly marinated!!)
  • herb grilled steak (every boyfriend's favorite)
  • roasted salmon (loaded with healthy fats that add the finishing touch to your meal)
  • almond baked chicken (This is one of the most unique chicken breadings!)

Finally now, we are almost to the end of line where you will finish off the bowl before you pay and can take it on the run or sit down and eat it immediately. To finish off the bowl, there are four different sauces. Sauce has quite the negative connotation in the "healthy" food world because most sauces are loaded with extra sugars and fats. Every sauce except the creamy white ginger is vegan, and every single sauce is dairy free, gluten free and sugar free.

  • creamy white ginger
  • herb balsamic vinaigrette
  • coconut sriracha
  • holy kale

If you are not sure which sauce you want, I recommend the holy kale which is a beautiful herby green dressing. For something a little more creamy, I would definitely go for the creamy white ginger. If you like tangy dressings, go for the balsamic vinaigrette. And of course, if you like your bowl to make your taste buds fire up a little bit, order the coconut sriracha.


To pair with your meal, you definitely need to order one of the pressed juices or homemade teas and frescas. They are so refreshing and will give you that boost of energy that you need for the rest of the day in such a clean and healthy form. Some of my favorites include:

  • Chiwee Strawberry Pressed Juice: Strawberry, orange, apple, pineapple, chia seeds
  • Cafe moo free Pressed Juice: Cold brew coffee, almonds, H2O, maple, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt
  • cucumber lemon ginger fresca: Lightly sweetened with sugar in the raw
  • Strawberry lemon fresca: Lightly sweetened with sugar in the raw

If you are looking to start 2021 brand new, I definitely recommend checking out Fresh Kitchen. The food, the atmosphere and the drinks are so well done and simultaneously so good for you!! There is always a line out the door and people buzzing about how good their bowl is so I know you will love it as much as I do. If you are looking for more restaurant recommendations, please follow me!! I am here to support local and help you do so too.

With Love and Good Food,


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