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Amid Florida's Ian Tragedy Returns Hope and Inspiration!

Colin Munro Wood
After rebuilding an Osprey couple's nest five months following Hurricane Ian in St. James City, Florida, a man comes down.Photo byKate Cusano Young | Use approved

Amid tragedy, there has just been a sign of hope in hurricane-ravaged St. James City, Florida. A friend, Kate Cusano Young, shared her photos on Facebook of an Osprey couple who fled their home when Hurricane Ian destroyed it. Yesterday, they came back home.

2022 saw plenty of tragedies, hardships, and unbelievable disasters. September 30, 2022, is a day that most Floridians would like to forget.

Not only did many people suffer a catastrophic loss, but so did a well-loved Osprey couple who lived atop a palm tree. No, their names are not Hope and Inspiration, although the latter would make for a great family name for the pair.

After the devastating and highly destructive day, Ian slammed into the mid-west coast of Florida, the Osprey couple lost their hard-built abode and, like some human beings, have lived homeless for five months.
The crew prepares, to rebuild Osprey's nest atop a ruined Palm tree.Photo byKate Cusano Young | Use approved

There was an old palm tree they had used previously, and if there were any hope of the majestic pair's return, a new nest would be required.

The international Osprey Foundation stepped up to the cause and supplied the new platform. A local hero, Ned Bruha — the Wildlife Whisperer, rented the lift to attach the new base and the beginnings of the couple's new nest.
Ned Bruha, in St. James City, Florida, finishes rebuilding an Osprey nest with hope for the couple's return to their newly constructed home.Photo byKate Cusano Young | Use approved

In an incredibly awe-inspiring small amount of time, following the rebuild of the base structure with some added tree branches, leaves, and such, the Osprey wasted no time arriving home after an uneasy and unplanned extended leave.
The Osprey couple has returned to their rebuilt home.Photo byKate Cusano Young | Use approved
Newsflash — the birds are now bringing their own vegetation in to embellish their nest!!!! - Kate Cusano Young, 03/01/2023
The Osprey husband looks over St. James, Florida, in the couple's new man-made nest.Photo byKate Cusano Young | Use approved

St. James City, and those who remain and rebuild will surely gather mighty strength and faith for their road ahead in recouping what was once paradise to all who lived there. Even this very happy aviary team.

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