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Josh Donaldson and Yankees Ride a Midnight Rocket to a Grand Walk-Off Win

Colin Munro Wood
The Yankee Stadium in New York, home of the New York Yankees baseball team.(Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Yankees Josh Donaldson follows up bases-loaded rally with Grand Slam down right field line for a walk-off, one-run win in 10th inning.

New York City - Yankees Josh Donaldson has been fighting a slump since being hot in the top of July, including a Grand Slam against Tampa Bay Rays.

Yankees Fight To Cross Homeplate

The Yankees have been struggling for nearly two weeks with hits, and scoring runs. Several key players are missing, but none of them loom larger than the loss of Giancarlo Stanton's bat, for a little longer.

Wins have been lurking around and teasing the Yankees throughout a difficult period of many close losses when their pitching has been stellar at times, but the bullpen had struggled to save a few. But it has been the hitting that has hurt the Yankees since the All-Star break.

Yandy Diaz of the Tamba Bay Rays hit two doubles and drove in three on the night, with Jose Sira scoring two, and Fransisco Mejia one, followed by a Harold Ramirez line drive home run to left field, giving the Rays a 4-0 lead.

The crowd got groggy, and the jeers from the Bleacher Creatures and other mishap fans began to build, as boisterous shouts could be heard over the television broadcast on the YES Channel.

Then, the Yankees stirred in the 6th inning, and a spark got lit somewhere in the dugout.

Once again, the still struggling Gleyber Torres shot some sunlight through the rainy clouds of the night, and put one in the seats (17), to score Aaron Judge, and himself. 4-2.

The 7th saw Jose Trevino come around on a line-drive hit from D. J. LeMahieu and walks to Andrew Benintendi, and Judge. 4-3.

Anthony Rizzo smacked number 28 in the 8th to right-center field, and we had a tie game. The Yankees had to feel well about things. 4-4.

Both teams had scoreless ninth innings,

Rays go ahead by 3 in the 10th

When the tenth inning rolled around, Yankee fans were feeling edgy, standing, chanting, and begging for a win. They wanted to see the side mowed down again, but baseball is never easy. Aroldis Chapman took the mound.

Mejia jutted a low outside fastball with the end of his bat on a low golf swing and sent the ball bulleting down the first-base line scoring all three baserunners, and the Bronx crowd got loud.

They'd grown tired of seeing the New York Yankees, who were the best in the league all season by far, failing to put together wins. 7-4, Rays.

Josh Donaldson follows up a bases-loaded rally with Grand Slam down the right field line for a walk-off.

The Yankees suddenly seemed to have a fire burning harshly in the dugout, and their faces were sour, as Judge came to the plate. They were tired of taking it from the home crowd, deservedly.

Judge walked, Torres singled to put men on the corners, Rizzo walked, and then a battling Josh Donaldson felt a vibe flow through him right at midnight and smacked a fastball down the right-field line, and everyone seared at the ball with bated breath, until it crossed the fence, just out of the reach of the leaping right-fielder, and far enough inside the foul pole to witness an explosion from the Yankees dugout, and a roar the Bronx crowd and stadium have been burning hungry for.

An unanswered walk-off Grand Slam in the 10th, for a 4-run comeback after looking like the game, was blown again, by Chapman.

Will this be the catalyst to get back to business, or will Yank's troubles continue tomorrow?

Thankfully, with injuries, the Yanks still hold onto a bold lead in the American League Northeast, but as Yogi always said, "Never say never."

The clock is ticking down, but Yankees fans witnessed a team fall from grace once before, as they watched a Bucky "effin" Dent home run tear just over Boston's Monster and around the left-field pole, taking it all away in a tie-breaking game from the Red Sox. The craziest things happen in baseball.

The 2022 Yankees aren't lain down and flopped over. They are gearing up for some players to return, and drive for the Championship. Pitching is an excellent current focus. The hitting will return in time.

Enjoy the fantastic game-ending as announced by the illustrious Yankees Radio Announcer of several decades, Mr. John Sterling.

Source: Covered 08/17/2022 Game on YES Network;

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