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People's demand for dry food is currently increasing extremely strongly and clearly in recent years. Because the demand for dry goods is increasing rapidly, many dry food businesses are appearing on the market. Because there are so many dry food businesses, the market is somewhat confused, and fake and fake products are starting to appear more massively. Dung Ha dry food is proud to be a reputable supplier and distributor of dry foods with the best quality and prices on the market.

Dung Ha Dry Food Mission?

Vietnam is a country emerging from wet rice agriculture. But nowadays, the amount of arable land is increasingly shrinking due to the appearance of modern factories and enterprises. Clearly realizing the above inadequacies, the first Dung Ha clean food store was born at A10 - Alley 100 - Trung Kinh Street - Cau Giay District - Hanoi City (in 2015). Here, Dung Ha food store specializes in providing clean foods from all regions to consumers. From there, the foundation was laid for the Dung Ha Market brand to develop sustainably and healthily until today and into the future ahead.


That was the sacred mission for Dung Ha to be born. With the criteria of putting QUALITY first. For a long time, Dung Ha has become an ideal place for housewives to express all their emotions in every meal.

Not only stopping at providing dry food, Dung Ha also has an extremely diverse range of types: fresh food, nutritious seeds, wet food, clean vegetables and fruits, imported and exported fruits, Tet gifts,... To be honest, Dung Ha has it all.

Vision of Dung Ha Dry Food?

Not just stopping at the sacred and noble mission. The vision of Dung Ha Dry Food shows that this is an extremely ambitious company in the field of providing dry agricultural products and clean food to the whole country.

  • Becoming a pioneer in the distribution of quality, well-priced, well-origin regional dried specialties to consumers in Vietnamese and international markets
  • By 2020, bring the Dung Ha Market brand to the entire Asian market, raising the Vietnamese brand on the world map.
  • Diversify products to meet all customer needs
  • Covering reputable brands, trusted by customers

Dung Ha dry food - Company specializes in supplying and distributing dry food

Dry food is also a product that the Company has been extremely interested in in recent years. Dry goods at Dry Food come from all over the world. The Company's products are selected from quality raw materials, processed and packaged according to modern processes, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

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Some outstanding dry food products that a large number of customers are looking to buy and that the Company also exports a lot of wholesale and retail can be reviewed such as:

Dried fruits: Raisins, red apples, dates, dried bananas, dried jackfruit,...

Dry nutritional seeds: Cashews, macadamia nuts, walnuts, chestnuts, Granola, salted roasted cashews,...

Specialty dried foods: Cao Bang dong vermicelli, Huan Lien vermicelli,...

Dried mushrooms: Wild shiitake mushrooms, dried wood ear mushrooms, dried shiitake mushroom feet,...

Dried seafood: Dried squid, dried shrimp, dried fish,...

If you are looking for a reputable, quality dry food supplier, Dung Ha Dry Food is a perfect choice for you and your whole family.

Dung Ha dry food - Company specializing in providing Northwest specialties

Not only stopping at dry goods, Northwest specialties are also a strength that the Company is extremely fond of. With the hope that people from all over the country can enjoy regional specialties elsewhere in the simplest and easiest way.

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Some outstanding Northwest specialties provided by the Company include:

Cao Bang arrowroot vermicelli: Cao Bang arrowroot vermicelli is made from fresh arrowroot roots, grown on the limestone plateau of Cao Bang province. Vermicelli has chewy, delicious fibers and a sweet taste. It is commonly used as mixed vermicelli, stir-fried vermicelli or cooked vermicelli.

Wild shiitake mushrooms: Wild shiitake mushrooms are harvested from the primeval forests of the Northwest. Mushrooms have a characteristic aroma and sweet taste, often used to cook soup, stir-fry or stir-fry mushrooms with lemongrass and chili.

Dried cat apple: Cat apple is also known as Son Tra fruit. This is also a typical fruit of the Northwest mountains. Apples can be eaten directly or used to soak in wine and drink. Apples have an astringent, sour taste when eaten directly. But when drinking wine, it has a sweet and attractive taste.

Meat hanging in the kitchen: When talking about the Northwest, ignoring the meat hanging in the kitchen is a big mistake. Stove buffalo meat, stove pork, and dried beef are the three things that make the Northwest region famous. Dried meat is often eaten as a snack, or men use it to sip beer and wine on Tet days.

Dung Ha dry food - Company specializes in providing specialty spices

The last item that has had a large number of customers looking to buy it recently is specialty spices. Dung Ha dry food is proud to be the leading company in Vietnam specializing in supplying and distributing specialty spices. The company has many years of experience in this field, with abundant supplies from all regions of the country.

Some specialty spices can be mentioned as:

Doi seeds: Doi seeds are a typical spice of the Northwest mountains. Doi seeds have a spicy, aromatic taste and are commonly used in grilled meat, grilled fish, grilled chicken,...

Mac Khen seeds: Mac Khen is also a typical spice of the Northwest mountains. Mac Khen has a spicy, fragrant taste, often used to marinate grilled meat, grilled fish, grilled chicken,... Mac Khen and doi seeds are two spices that people here consider "the soul of the Northwest". .

Phu Quoc green pepper: Phu Quoc green pepper is the most famous pepper in Vietnam. Phu Quoc pepper has a spicy, aromatic taste, often used to marinate meat, fish dishes,...

With a variety of products, quality and competitive prices, Dung Ha Dried Agricultural Products is a reputable address for you to shop for specialty spices.

Contact information Dung Ha dry food

If you want to buy dried agricultural products at good prices, you can contact Dry Food in the following forms:

Message via Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/nongsandungha

Company address:

Showroom 1: No. 11 Kim Dong - Giap Bat street - Hoang Mai district - Hanoi city

Showroom 2: A10 - Alley 100 - Trung Kinh street - Yen Hoa ward - Cau Giay district - Hanoi city

Showroom 3: No. 02/B Quarter 3 - Trung My Tay 13 Street - District 12 - Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: From 6:30 am to 10:30 pm.

If you want to cooperate in the dry goods business, you can contact us via the Company's email: nongsandungha@gmail.com

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