Debut Novelist Finds Audience with Coming-of-Age Thriller

Debut Novelist Finds Audience with Coming-of-Age ThrillerPhoto byThriller


In the ever-evolving world of literature, new voices continually emerge, capturing the hearts of readers worldwide. Richard R. Becker is one such voice, whose debut coming-of-age thriller, "Third Wheel," is taking the literary scene by storm. Released on August 21, the novel has already achieved remarkable success, leaving readers and critics alike clamoring for more. This article explores the extraordinary journey of "Third Wheel" and the rapid rise of its talented author.

Early Reviews: A Five-Star Triumph

From the moment "Third Wheel" hit the shelves, it became clear that Richard R. Becker's debut novel was something special. Early reviews have been nothing short of exceptional, with a shower of five-star ratings from the Seattle Book Review, Readers Views, Online Bookclub, and others. Becker's storytelling prowess and ability to connect with his audience are evident in the praise his work has received.

Readers are responding with the same enthusiasm as reviewers. "Richard R. Becker has a unique talent for weaving a gripping narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. ‘Third Wheel’ is a thrilling roller coaster ride of emotions and suspense," one noted.

Sales Soaring Beyond Expectations

Not only have the reviews been outstanding, but "Third Wheel" has also been flying off the shelves. In a remarkable feat, it has outsold Becker's debut short story collection release at a staggering rate of 10-to-1. To put this into perspective, his debut short story collection landed on a best-seller list six months after publication. "Third Wheel" could find its spot there in a few weeks. The surge in sales showcases the novel's widespread appeal and resonates with readers seeking captivating coming-of-age thrillers.

A Finalist in Prestigious Awards

The accolades for "Third Wheel" don't stop at reader acclaim and robust sales. This coming-of-age thriller has also already made a mark in the literary awards circuit, being named a finalist in one of several prestigious competitions. This recognition further solidifies Richard R. Becker's talent and the quality of his debut work.

What's Next?

As if the current success isn't enough, there's more to look forward to in the "Third Wheel" journey. Becker is listening to the audiobook version of his release one final time before its release. The audiobook is narrated by 4-time Emmy-winning voice actor and journalist Brian Callanan. Callanan also narrated Becker’s first book, 50 States.

Connect with Richard R. Becker

To stay updated with Richard R. Becker's work and future projects, be sure to visit his author bio and connect with him at


Richard R. Becker's debut coming-of-age thriller, "Third Wheel," has taken the literary world by storm with its outstanding early reviews, brisk sales, and recognition in prestigious awards. As the ebook release and audiobook launch approach, the journey of this remarkable novel is far from over. If you're a fan of gripping coming-of-age thrillers, "Third Wheel" is a must-read, and Richard R. Becker is an author to watch in the world of literature.

Read "Third Wheel" and learn more about the author on the book's official page.

Get your copy of "Third Wheel" on Amazon:

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