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I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately. To the point I’m looking for anything to give me a break.

How am I supposed to fill my cup? What can I do for myself that will make me feel better?

So, naturally I turn to Pinterest and search, “mom self care”.

Who are these moms? How are any of these things realistic?

Let’s go over a few...


Okay, sure, I could sit down and color with my kids for a little bit. But, let me just explain what that would turn into. They would be fighting over the same crayon even though we have 5 of the same color. One of them would be breaking crayons rather than coloring, and one would be trying to eat them.

Drink more water.

I do need to drink more water, I’ll admit that. The first thing that comes to mind is that I would need to use the bathroom more than I already do. This means that I would have a screaming toddler because he forbids that I leave him alone at all.

Go to bed earlier.

What? Hahahaha.


A decluttered house would be amazing!!! But where am I getting the time? Is that really counted as self care?

Take a 20min shower.

Again, what? I don’t remember the last time I took a shower longer than 10min. Someone would have been thrown off the couch by then.

Exercise for 20min.

This one I could probably manage. I just get frustrated having to start and stop so much that I give up.

Wake up a few min earlier.

This is a great tip for getting some time to yourself in the mornings. But it’s rough when your last kid didn’t get to sleep till after 2am and your other kid is up at 7am like clockwork.

I need some realistic self care ideas because I have no idea!

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