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What do first time moms really need for baby? Maybe not even a first time mom but any mom that just brought home a baby!

I think the typical go-to is cute baby clothes, diapers and wipes. These are all great things! But let me tell you, I received so many baby clothes that I was over-whelmed with clothes. To be honest my kids didn't wear most of the baby clothes that were gifted to us!

I think typically when people give baby clothes as a gift they are really nice clothes, clothes that would be worn outside of the house and for special occasions. Usually new babies don't really leave the house, and this is just my opinion I know this isn't true for everyone!

So for me, the best clothing item that could be gifted, plain white bodysuits. They're just so simple, easy to throw them all in the wash and get them clean. I also need to add, zip up sleepers. The last thing any tired mom wants to deal with is a million buttons, I don't even know why the button ones are an option at this point! No buttons!!!

Baby swaddles were a life saver for me. Im not talking about a swaddle blanket, because even after 3 kids I never learned how to wrap a swaddle blanket. I loved the velcro and the zip up swaddle pods for newborns, what a life saver, seriously.

Diapers and wipes are obviously a go-to, I wouldn't buy too many of the newborn size though. Grab a few size 1 diapers and maybe size 2. My favorite wipes are the Huggie Simple Clean, I haven't found a wipe that compares!

If the new mom doesn't already have one, she needs a white noise machine, these you can find pretty inexpensively and it will be used every single day!

Depending on what feeding method mom is going to do, she might need some bottles or a few cans of formula! I would have loved to receive the small already made formula bottles because these are fabulous for the first few weeks!

What would you add to this list?

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