Get your botanical garden fix at the Conservatory at Volunteer Park!

Somehow, in all my time of living here, I had never made my way up to the Volunteer Park Conservatory. It's super cool, if you're a "plant person"! And if you're not a "plant person", this place might turn you into one!

This place is really quite beautiful. It is a massive greenhouse, modeled in a Victorian style of architecture that makes you take pause and stare. I learned that the structure is modeled on London's Crystal Palace. I went on such a lovely day, too! I love the blue sky in the background. Sometimes Seattle really gets me in the heart.

The Conservatory itself has multiple rooms, with different greenery types, in each room. My favorite room was the cacti/succulents. I adore succulents but I have a really difficult time keeping them alive! I think I over water them, out of love. Because I'm from Seattle. :-) Rain = love.

Oh! In one of the rooms there was even a plant called a Corpse Flower! Apparently it lives for quite a long time, and it blooms only a few times in it's lifespan. It was not in bloom while I was there, but it's bloomed before while in Seattle.

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