Busted out a super simple Hello Fresh meal tonight

I've always enjoyed using meal delivery services every once in a while, for fun! And because the meals we cook at home can tend to get a bit monotonous. Hello Fresh is my favorite! I enjoy the variety of meals they offer, they have a constant rotating menu.

I've got my account set to lean/clean meals. I've been pretty "naughty" lately with my eating habits, but I've got summer coming up! Lean/clean meals can be low carb, or low fat or vegetarian. It's not very strict in that aspect. Just loosely based, these meal options are on the healthier side, in comparison to the standard meals.

Tonight's meal was probably the most simple I've made. It was Sweet Soy Pork & Pepper Bowls. The reason this one was so simple, was that it actually came with a couple sauce packets, rather then the ingredients to make the sauces...I hope I don't lose my cool points! ;-) I took a few pictures to share! It was pretty tasty!

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