Thaiku is a favorite restaurant in the Greenwood neighborhood

My friends took me out to dinner and chose to dine at Thaiku in Greenwood, also known as Mai Thaiku. When you look online, you can search for either name, and it will pull the proper restaurant. It's a really great spot for authentic Thai food! I was really excited to meet them there.

The restaurant is pretty small, so I suggest giving yourself time to put your name on the list, there may be a slight wait. But they do have some good outdoor seating, which helps because it's just so small! I love the restaurant itself, it's basically feels like a tiny house, that was turned into the restaurant, which I think actually may be the case.

My friends and I ordered 3 different meals, and then we sampled one another's food. All the meals were fantastic! We ordered Gaeng Nor Mai Gai, which is a coconut curry with chicken and rice, it was fantastic and they serve enough for leftovers to be brought home! We also ordered Pahd See Iew, which is also referred to as "drunken noodles". That is my favorite meal to order, I love the wide noodles. Lastly, we had the Bae Me Moo Dang, which is a noodle dish with bbq pork and bean sprouts . It was really good too!

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