My friends and I went crazy devouring food at Bara Del Corso!

When my friend invited me to her birthday dinner at Bara Del Corso, I knew it was going to be great. She has wonderful culinary taste and her restaurant choices never disappoint. So my friends and I got a little fancied up and headed out for the evening and we were over the moon at this spot!

Bara Del Corso is a cozy little Italian restaurant in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. It's a darling little area that has not been gentrified yet, so it still feels like "old Seattle". It is authentic, and I adore the area. Bara Del Corso is difficult to miss. Mostly because there is a constant group of people waiting outside for their turn to dine. The restaurant front has a lot of big windows, and it has a comfortable "feel" from the moment you walk in the door. Out party of 5 was lead into the back patio area, where were seated at a nice long picnic table, with a cozy heater right next to us. The table was decorated with a vase of wild flowers. Perfect, simple, cute.

In the 2 and a half hours we enjoyed at Bara Del Corso, we absolutely gorged ourselves on a bunch of small plates we shared and then we finished with pizza. We had a wonderful burrata with eggplant, that was served with fresh toasted bread, steamed clams, pork shoulder, a delightful mixed green salad. Then we finished our experience with a couple different pizzas. My favorite dish was, hands down, the pork shoulder. It fell apart on the plate before we could even get it to our mouths. It was served on a bed of some sort of green, that was seared with pine nuts. The wood fired pizzas were incredible too! My favorite was the Fungi Pizza, covered in mushrooms and sausage.

We enjoyed Dirty Martinis and a few Old Fasioned cocktails. We laughed and told stories and had the best time! I really recommend this restaurant. I'm serious. I want to go back already and it hasn't even been 24 hours. Bara Del Corso, my new favorite Italian joint.

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