The REI Flagship store is incredibly cool and it seems to have no end!

My favorite little girl in the world is turning 5, and I was assigned the duty of buying her a bicycle helmet for her! I want to protect her sweet head, as best as I can. So I instantly went to to the REI Flagship store in downtown Seattle, because I know they only carry the best quality gear. Have you been to this store? It's insane! The fact that it has a rock climbing wall, already makes it unique. But it has a ton of other great, uncommon things about it too!

When you walk into the store, you can see a ton of signage leading you around jagged paths. The paths are for people purchasing bicycles to practice on. How cool is that? I think it's stellar. I've never seen something quite like that and I appreciate that they want people to have the best purchase for them. Who wants to buy a bike and then need to return it for some reason? No one has time for that.

I grabbed the helmet for our sweet girl, which is beyond perfect and then I wandered around the store a bit. I gazed endlessly at the cool paddleboards they sell. I saw a style I have never seen before. It is a peddleboard, actually. Shaped just like a paddleboard, except it has handles and peddles! I'll probably stick with the traditional style, but it's very interesting!

This store also has a literal Rangers Station. With a real Ranger! They help people plan their excursions, so that everything can be properly and safely executed. Again, how cool is that?! I love it.

Be careful, it's like a maze in there. You just might get stuck and spend a lot of money. But you'll have fun doing it.

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