We took the hours drive to Granite Falls and hiked the Lime Kiln Trail!

I love hiking. I love getting out of the city...and you can feel the air change. It's good for the soul! My friend and I packed up the pooch and decided to drive about an hours drive from the Seattle area to Granite Falls, in the Cascade Mountain Range, to an area called the Rove Canyon Historic Park. We easily located our hike: Lime Kiln Trail! We choose this trail because it has very little elevation gain (625 feet), and the length is about 7 miles roundtrip. Easy! And it also allows dogs, as long as they are leashed. Did I mention there is no fee to park here? That's always a nice surprise!

We also choose the hike because of the history! In the 1890's, this area was a small community with ties to the local railroad.

In this area is where the community had tall brick smelters, that were used to cook lime stone to make lime for the city of Everett Pulp and Ore Smelting. I realize that probably doesn't seem all that interesting, but it actually is pretty neat. The kilns were used up until sometime in the 1930's and now they are still only partially standing. I always find hikes with history to be the most fun. That way you get a little history lesson along with all the beauty you get to see. And they feel kind of haunted with all the weird old artifacts laying around. We came across some big round, rusted pieces of metal with jagged edges which seem to be some sort of old blade that they must have used. I'm glad people haven't stolen the history that lays around.

This hike is great, I really recommend it. It's not far from Seattle, but it's far from any main roads. It definitely feels more remote than it actually is. Surrounded by tall evergreen trees and also beautiful leaves that change color in the fall. And if you are a fungi lover, there were so many beautiful mushrooms we saw along our hike! I'd like to go back soon.

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