Peace, Love & Happiness Club is super cute!

It's hard for me to go to Fremont because there are so many unique places to shop! I just stumbled upon the coolest, premium level plant store and the prices aren't bad! And it has the cutest name: Peace, Love & Happiness Club! I figured it would be my kind of place, I was right.

What caught my eye and brought me into the store was the racks of plants they have on display out front. It was virtually impossible for me to not go inside to see what else they have! It's like a small greenhouse inside; they have "misters" spraying plants and there are deep set windows, with plants filling all the spaces. It's beautiful and relaxing, like a tiny conservatory. There are tons of succulents and air plants too; both favorites of mine.

It only took about 4 seconds before my eye caught sight of the small jars with the Marimo Moss Balls floating within. These are the coolest living moss balls! I love to give them as a fun gift; most people have never seen them before! You turn the jar every week or so, and the balls float around and they stay healthy. It's kind of bizarre. There are also tons and tons of really fun styles of ceramic pots for sale. And speaking of sale, there is even a clearance section. I'll definitely be back.

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