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Call them what you want… naysayers, haters, negative nancies, etc. but the sad truth is that more dreams have been killed by negative people than anything else. The truly successful people in life never gave two hoots what other people thought of them. They just carried on focusing on their goals and strived till they made their dreams come true.

When you have a dream or a desire in life, it’s imperative that you follow your heart. You only have one life to live and you do not want to reach old age where you have no energy and time left to make your dreams come true. Having regrets when you’re old is sad.

Your past desires and dreams will return to haunt you and you’ll realize that you could have done so much more or been so much more… but you let yourself get discouraged by those who didn’t let you be you. By now, it will be too late and you’ll realize that none of what other people said really mattered… and you should have followed your heart. This is a sad scenario but it plays out daily in thousands of people’s lives.

You do not want to end up like them. These tips below will help you to handle naysayers and not let them get you down. Look at your why. Only you will know why your dreams are so important to you. Maybe you have a love for art and a natural inclination towards it but your parents want you to be a doctor.

Maybe you have a desire to start your own business but your wife is skeptical and thinks that your day job provides more security. What are you going to do? If you know why you’re doing what you do, you’ll push ahead despite what others tell you. The promise will be clear to you and you’ll go against your critics. Remember the bamboo tree There is a story about Chinese bamboo.

Once you plant the seed, you’ll need to water the soil for 5 years. During these 5 years, nothing will happen. However, in the 5th year, a shoot will sprout out from the ground. Once that happens, over the next 6 weeks, it will grow over 80 feet tall. That’s amazing. The same applies to your goals. It may seem like ages to get there and of course, people will be hinting at you that you might as well quit. Yet, if you persist, once you take off, your success will be massive.
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When a plane takes off from the ground, many times it will face turbulence as it rises above the weather to reach cruising altitude. In the same vein, the beginning stages of getting to your goal will be tough, but once you get there, it will most often be smooth sailing.

Success turns naysayers into supporters. It’s a fact that the same people who laughed at you and mocked you will become your supporters once you make it. They’ll ask you for tips and advice to help themselves achieve success just like you. If you build a successful business, people who doubted you will even ask you for a job.

That’s just the way the world is. Understand the psychology behind it Lastly, you need to understand that when you pursue your dreams, you are like a threat to others. Your determination to follow your own path and live life according to your own rules shines a spotlight on the failures of those around you. It forces people to realize that they quit on themselves or did not do enough.

The only way that they can feel better is to pull you down so that you can be a failure just like them. They may make you feel like they’re doing it out of concern. But the truth of the matter is that they’re afraid you’ll succeed… because if you do, it’ll mean that they could have followed their dreams and succeeded too.

Always follow your heart and don’t allow the negativity from others to dull your sparkle or your desires.


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