It takes a super hero to deliver data 6 times faster than the old method.

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Servers, stacks, optimization, eco-system mapping.. OK these are not the terms we think of when referring to doing business in the world of yesterday. But we are not living in yesterday. Although those terms may seem like a tower of word babel to most, to the savvy new business of this day.. it IS the language of business.
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Data today is as powerful as having your phone # in the yellow pages a 1/2 a century ago for most businesses. This will not be a class on how data is used and moves about within a business, but rather the news that the old method is about to be a thing of the past if the founders of New Babel take the Pearl platform to the business masses. Meet Kyle Laskowski & Kris White the leaders of a team of Super heroes who will Enrich the customer experience by providing efficient ecosystem mapping with Pearl.
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Yes, we too asked them to "dummy down" and explain to us mere mortals what that means in everyday business. Kyle explains: " So a lot of times you know these companies use a CRM whether it be Salesforce HubSpot or you know one of the various other competitors. A lot of times when these systems interact and exchange IDs and information data across several other platforms whether it's billing databases, other vendor databases, security databases all these different exchanges- sometimes these systems refresh and when the one system refreshes the other system doesn't keep up. So the sync is broken. Pearl eliminates the need to match up."

OK, so you're helping centralize their ID mappings, if we understand that correctly? To attempt to understand, New Babel has asked us to imagine trying to live without a place to hold your driver's license, your bank card, all your important IDs. He goes on to explain that analogy; "So every day when somebody says' 'where is your wallet?' where's your cards? We're all used to that, that's become part of our life. What's really interesting is in these large corporations- there isn't a dedicated system to become that wallet to hold our various IDs together. That is Pearl.

Ok, so if I'm interacting with someone; I now know that all those IDs map to that same person. So Pearl is a place to organize all that!
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The brains who used to provide such complex solutions back in my day were called geeks, today these brilliant solution providers would rather be known as Super heroes. Meet these innovators below in the video who are helping us travel faster & further with digital technology- than ever before.

Meet the New Super heroes of San Francisco; New Babel.

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