Stop using your foot or your fingers to lift that toilet lid.

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Meet Randall, a man on a mission to sanitize the seat in your bathroom.

Yes, we are going there, we are talking Fecal splash! While most of us clean our toilets at home at least once a week, and businesses clean maybe once a night after a long day of flushing, so there is a huge amount of fecal splash under the seat and lid in both of those environments.

Now unless you've lived under a rock for the past few years, most of us realize we have become a nation of germaphobes! And yes, we probably should be. So with the toilet being "hands down" the single most disgusting & filthiest area in any home; We should probably focus on what is right under our nose... or in this case- under the lid! A nasty lid that all of our fingers will probably touch today!
The old germ filled methodSkylar G.

It is hard for us to fully appreciate the great revolution in medicine known as “germ theory”. It seems impossible that people once believed that foul odors could create disease or that “evil spirits” could cause a person to become ill. Still, it has been 150+ years since Robert Koch made the discoveries that led Louis Pasteur to describe how small organisms called germs could invade the body and cause disease. So as these germs are alive and well in everyone's toilets- how can we protect ourselves as we relieve ourselves multiple times a day in this seemingly dangerous little room with our personal throne? Who can "lift" us out of this common germ pit?

Well we found a man on a mission to do just that? Randall Marshall is introducing the Sani Seat Lifter! An invention so simple, it leads you to ask; "Why did we not have this years ago"? Formally educated with a master's degree in electrical and mechanical engineering, he has further educated himself in bathroom hygiene and bacteria-related illnesses and causes. Randall explains: "We watch children and grandchildren for years and years, the little girls fingers go under the lid & they can't get it all the way up to the back of the tank so they step around the side as their hands are still underneath the lid to get it all the way to the back! Boys would have their whole hand under the lid to be able to push the lid up." "And then, do the same process to lower the seat and lower the lid... I said there's got to be a better way to eliminate this filthy habit!"
The New safe methodM. Bailey

He further explains: "If you think about it like a trash can- the toilet is a trash can! You can't make it pretty... it is what it is! You have handles on the trash can, but here we are lifting underneath the lid and the toilet seat. Think about it, Anything that's considered to be filthy is always compared to a toilet right? So this is this is why we came up with the Sani Seat Lifter."

This simple to use, and affordable invention called the Sani Seat Lifter can be replaced every 6 months, 1 year or longer, it's really up to you. The adhesive tape used to secure the lifter is state of the art used by NASA and made by 3M. So no cleaning agents, toilet water, or bacteria can penetrate the tape. Sani Seat Lifter removal and replacement is as clean as the product itself, you simply slide a knife between the seat and tape on one corner and the tape peels off like gum with no damage.
Sani Seat LifterIG

In the TV interview below you can learn more about this item or at or even at some select Wal-marts. The multi packs are super affordable to have a few bags in the drawer of your bathroom year round and are less costly than a 12 pack of premium toilet paper!
Sani seat multi packsSkylar G.

And no, we at Consumer News TV do not get compensated if you try this germ reducer product, we just love introducing a great idea that will make a big splash! (or controls your germ splash)

Meet Randall of Sani Seat Lifter below in the CNTV interview.

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